Hymer Aktiv and RoadTrek Ecotrek Hazard Alert

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Missing Safety Systems Expose Owners to Potentially Fatal Hazards

SUIET Hacks has discovered a list of life and limb design hazards in our Aktiv. This page presents precautions and fixes to keep owners safe.

The safety codes violations are described in detail on another website: https://sites.google.com/view/shoot-the-messenger/home

Precautions to Stay Safe While Waiting For Hymer To Correct the Hazards

Hymer will take months or years to recall and fix these safety hazards and owners still need to use the Truma or Plug the Aktiv into shore power. Please at least take these precautions:

  1. The electrical hazard is much less if a 15-amp cable adapter is used so shore power is limited by the campsite's 15-amp breaker. Don't use 30 amp service since the faulty ground wires with 30 amps can exceed 312 degrees and fail. BTW: the wire is only rated for 221 degrees.
  2. Don't touch the equipment in the cabinet under the bed when the RV is plugged in to shore power or the cabin is turned on. The chassis is poorly grounded and presents a shock hazard.
  3. Be very careful when winterizing and de-winterizing. The Truma boiler must be completely empty when the Truma valves are in the winterizing position or the boiler may burst and spew scaling stream into the cabin (or worse, explode). Detailed instructions are in this file.
AKTIV Winterization and De-Winterizing Instuctions 24 Nov 2018.pdf

Fixing the Code Violations

SUIET Hacks corrected SUIET's plumbing and electrical since Sam and Kathy wouldn't live in an RV with unsafe plumbing or electric systems. We have published instructions for correcting the Inverter installation. Those instructions are found HERE.

Hymer has released Technical Service Bulletin, TSB #0001 that corrects the the plumbing violation and makes your Aktiv safe. They did not send safety notices to owners. Please quickly schedule an appointment to have TSB#0001 installed. A copy of the TSB is at the bottom of this page if the dealer doesn't have it.

Post questions on Facebook's Hymer Aktiv Owners and Wannabees or email hymer.whistle.blower@gmail.com you want privacy.

Truma Relief Valve Instructions EHG North America Technical Services Bulletin.pdf