sues angel energy


Over the years I have become more and more conscious that we are all guided and helped by the Spiritual World. I am constantly aware that there are Angels, Guides, and loved ones who have passed into spirit by my side, and they have given me messages in many different ways to reassure me that they are there to help me

I am currently running a beginners class to help people tune in to their own communication to the Spiritual World - because it is available to everyone who wants to connect. You do not require any previous experience.

The Spiritual World wants to help us - but we have to ask for their help. They are there waiting to help in many ways, so long as it is for our greater good. Nothing is too great or too small - We can ask for help regarding our material or spiritual life, for healing for ourselves or others or even to help find lost keys!

Learn to live and work with the angels in a practical way, build up a relationship with your guardian angel and guides, and know that they are always there to help.