Floral Paintings

20x24 Florals

Beauty and Bronze

Roses and Steel

Country Fresh Sunflowers

Golden Sunflowers


Flowers in an Oval Vase

Summer Basket of Blooms

Sunflowers in Italian Pot

She Wanted Pink Roses

Old Fashioned Roses

16x20 Florals

Garden Gold

More Than Enough

Old Fashioned Floral

Garden Party

Friendly Flowers

Garden Dahlias

Bouquet in Celadon Pot



Daily Dose

Flowers and Seashell

Last of the Summer Roses

Garden Gold

Garden Party

Purple Symphony

Roses and Plums

Golden Opportunity

Roses and Avocados

A Woman's Place

Bird House and Blossoms

12x16 Florals

Even Lilacs Get the Blues

Yellow Roses and Turquoise


Cheerful Flowers

Roses in Natural Light

Roses in Flower Pot

A Modest Proposal

Lavender Roses in Wicker Basket

11x14 Florals

Sunflowers with Pottery

Hopelessly Devoted

Quiet Beauty

Tea and Oranges