Multiphysics and Multiscale Simulation Methods for Electromagnetic Energy Assisted

Fossil Fuel to Hydrogen Conversion

All-Frequency Stable Formulation for EM Applications

Electricomagnetic field and conduction current distributions of a simple RC circuit at different frequencies

Scalar potential, conduction current, & magnetic field distributions of a coil inductor at different frequencies

High-Power Electromagnetics-Plasma Interaction

High-power microwave breakdown in air gap

Movie shows high-power microwave breakdown in air, which causes shielding of electromagnetic wave.

Electric field and plasma energy distributions during high-power microwave air breakdown

Plasma density distribution during high-power microwave air breakdown. Plasma form in a pattern of filamentary array.

Dynamic Techniqes in Electromagnetics and Multiphysics

Dynamic p-Adaptation

This movie shows the incident plane wave interacting with an aircraft and getting reflected. LHS: Electric field distribution; RHS: Corresponding polynomial order

Dynamic h-Adaptation

Snapshots of the y component of the electric field and the corresponding dynamically adaptive mesh at different time instants.

Magnetic Hysteresis and Machine Modeling



Nonlinear demagnetization process showing magnetic hysteresis. Simulated by the nonlinear time-domain finite-element method with a Newton-Raphson scheme



(a) Observation points on the steel channels. (b)-(d) Demagnetization process and magnetic remanence (small inserts) at the three observation points P1-P3, respectively.

Three-phase induction motor

Rotating magnetic field (RMF)

50-Hz three-phase input current; Rotating speed: 1500 rpm