Sudbury Roundnet

Roundnet All-Star Series

Can you beat your friends at the beach? Have you beaten your family at your last back yard BBQ? Think you are the best in Sudbury? Come and Prove it! Sudbury Spikeball is hosting a Roundnet tournament to find the best players around Sudbury to represent our city and club at next years Official Roundnet Ontario 2021 Circuit.

Click below to register for the Sudbury Roundnet All-Stars Series.

Our Roundnet Club

We have been operating in Sudbury since 2017. By the summer of 2021 we are aiming to have a community of players who can compete in the upcoming Roundnet Ontario Summer Tournament Circuit. With the ultimate goal of one day sending a team to the Roundnet World Championships!

Fun Fact: Spikeball is a brand of equipment. Roundnet is the name of the sport.

The Sudbury Roundnet Team

Sam Des

Sam has been a Sudbuy Roundnet Representative for 3 years and a Roundnet player for 4 years.

Nolan Sarlo

Nolan has been an official Spikeball Ambassador for 3 years and has been playing Roundnet for 4 years.

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If you would like to sponsor or support the club in any way, or you simply have questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us and let us know.