TwnklCars empowers you to buy your dream car with a discount of at least 75% of the current value. By concluding a smart contract on our private blockchain, you reserve your vehicle and benefit from the continuous increase in value of the YEM *

*YEM is the Tradingsymbol of Rainbow Currency used officially for the Safezone Economy. The Safezone is an Open Network of Projects created by Unicorn Network, a member-driven company based in Las Vegas, USA since 2011. Current YEM rate you can check out at

How it works

Simply select your dream car and model, put the retail price of your dream car, select YEM target price that must be at least 5 times greater than the current price, enter the target end date for your smart contract which must be at least 1 year from now and lastly, click Calculate button to get the amount of Twnkl Mobility Coins (TMC) you need to pay now in order to make reservation for your dream car.

TMC is exclusively traded with YEM. Check out the current TMC rate (to be paid in YEM only).

If the target YEM price is not reached within the smart contract period specified by the prospective buyer, TMC reserved for the transaction will be paid back to the prospective buyer in full hence the prospective buyer won't lose a dime. In fact, chances are your TMCs would gain more value during the period which will make you better off financially than if you would store your money in fiat currencies.

Picture above shows the Aston Martin DB 11 worth USD 220,000 and picture No. 2 shows how can it be bought by paying TMC 14.666 today worth $52959.48 only if you will specify the target YEM price to be $12. If you choose a target YEM price of $50, you will need to pay only TMC 3.52 worth $12710.85. Try to put a target YEM price of $200 and see how much TMC You need to pay today!!

Go to Twnkl Cars website below to get more details.

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