High Molecular Drug Laboratory

Research Direction

  • Organic Synthesis & Bioactive Natural Products
  • Drug Formulation (Frequency assisted drugs)
  • Molecular Recognition & Biomimetic Self-Assembly
  • In Vitro & In Vivo Drug delivery
  • Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment Method Development

Recent activity

Robotic Drugs: A molecular engineering is implemented for generating unique drug activities (Ongoing under SERB Early Career Research grant).

Cooperative Drugs: Drug molecule engineering for developing novel side effect free drugs (waiting for the grant).

Approach towards systematically unraveling the anti-cancer activity and target specificity of novel supramolecular resonators synthesized in the laboratory (under review)

Anti Epileptic Drug Synthesis (CSIR in-house project grant).


Project Leader: Mentoring PhD research

Assistant Professor (AcSIR)

Course title

  • Advances in Bioinorganic Chemistry
  • Advances in Chemical Biology
  • Natural Products & Drug Discovery