We have a cash prizes for the podium finishers and trophies for our category and team winners and Medals for all finishers.

our prize calculation policy

The podium

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd places of each gender are awarded the prizes, calculated by gun time.

This means that the first past the finish line wins regardless of where they started in the pack.

The Categories

The 1st runner from each category is awarded the prize, calculated by chip time.

The Teams

Team prizes are calculated by the combine times of the fastest three runners from each team / club. Team prizes are calculated by combined chip time.


Male & Female

  • 1st Place: £50.00
  • 2nd Place: £40.00
  • 3rd Place: £30.00


Male & Female

  • 1st Place Senior: Trophy
  • 1st Place Vet 35: Trophy
  • 1st Place Vet 40: Trophy
  • 1st Place Vet 45: Trophy
  • 1st Place Vet 50: Trophy
  • 1st Place Vet 55: Trophy
  • 1st Place Vet 60: Trophy
  • 1st Place Vet 65: Trophy
  • 1st Place Vet 70+: Trophy
  • 1st Place Team of 3: Trophy
  • Best Age Grading: Trophy


Male & Female

  • All finishers: Medal

Spot Prizes

We have some amazing Spot Prizes available to any runner that attends the Prize Giving.