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Hi. How are you? I'd like for you to experience something special. I am a dreamer. A romantic, and a praxis man. Some things perhaps can't be explained in just words. But let me put it in poetry as it will be a way perhaps to your heart by the context of it's message. (Meant for female's ear, but a dude's ear may like it too)

"Seeds for Love" by Sourixay Vilalay aka SV 9/10/17 @ 22:32

Autumn begins as showers pour intently.

Watering the world with seeping splashes.

Puddles form reflecting your rippling smiles.

Just over the sky shines a rainbow, it glistens hope of a bright future.

Where would you go if you had a magic carpet ride?

Can I be with you on this super nova experience?

Shall we fly into the milky starry sky?

Let us make our wishes come true as we help lift others into their dreams too.

Heart to heart, seed to seed, soul to soul; let us be nurtured forever so.

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