STyLe VeRsATiLe!

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Hello and welcome, SV's VISION is to speak to the world and share the virtues of empowerment. He's coined the word "SVACT", which stands for "Show Volition Aspire Courageous Transformations." As SV travels to explore and learn what it means to be a human that shares; he invites you to come along on this challenging yet adventurous journey we call life. Do you have style in your life? Let's manifest your dreams into reality as then you will have "LIFESTYLE!".

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"Always strive to get to the top of life, because the bottom is crowded." - Les Brown

Three Pillars of SUCCESS

1) AWARENESS - Be conscious of your patterns of life and why it is you do what you do.

2) HUSTLE - Work ethics to out due anyone and do what it takes to WIN your objectives.

3) EMPATHY - Realize you needed mentoring and others will need it too.

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