STyLe VeRsATiLe!

You can call me the "Networking Jedi"...

...because Style Sourixay Versatile aka SV's VISION, is to speak to the you and share the virtues of personal/creative development into helping you to become the best version of you! SV has coined the word "SVACT", which stands for "Show Volition Aspire Courageous Transformations." As SV travels to explore and learn what it means to be a human that shares and cares; he invites you to come along on this challenging yet adventurous journey we call life. Do you want to have more style in your life and need to create wealth/more abundance? Face it, you have to stop procrastinating and start manifesting your dreams into reality so that you will have "LIFE-STYLE!". That equates to life on your terms of achievements. Because if you don't go for it, you'll just have a mediocre life without style, and that's BORING! C'mon let us maximize the Law of Attraction into a life mission of purpose and help people to become awakened! Be the shine the world needs to see!

Feel free to Bookmark this website and also opt into the funnel(s) that you see value in, and let's have some interactive-transformative FUN!

See you on the inside and at the top!

"Always strive to get to the top of life, because the bottom is crowded." - Les Brown


Releasing in December! Please opt-into the funnel to get the heads up on the official release! (This is a creative-dream-development book)

LIVE release date of event and venue will be shared ASAP! (Opt-In to ge the news) I'm looking forward to being there and perhaps taking selfies with those who attend! (Vision-Dreamboard workshop will be also demonstrated)

Three Pillars of SUCCESS

1) AWARENESS - Be conscious of your patterns of life and why it is you do what you do.

2) HUSTLE - Work ethics to out due anyone and do what it takes to WIN your objectives.

3) EMPATHY - Realize you needed mentoring and others will need it too.

You are very WELCOME to attend a LIVE event! (Get out of your comfort zone; that's what it takes)

Calling all my "Seattle'tonions"!

Come on out on December 9th, 2017

for "Team Fusion" Overview at


300 112TH AVE SE



9:45am (Guest are FREE)

10:00am- 11:00am

Curious to experience a "Toastmasters"?

Come on out December 10th, 2017

at 3:45pm - 5:30pm at the Evergreen Center!

935 NE 33rd Avenue Portland, OR 97232

SV will have an active role as "Table Topics Master".

Theme "Friends & Family."

*** Stay tuned for Special Holiday Events TBA!

Events this upcoming year in 2018?

Toastmasters New Speechcraft! "Master Speakers" Series!

SV will be Co-Hosting with, Robert Tucker & Ray Allen Fox!

Visit: MasterSpeakers.TK

Course will start in January 2018! Please get in touch if you are interested? Space limited to only 10 people. We are open and seeking a venue to host it. (Do you have a central location in the city? Are you a business/non-profit that could use more exposure?)

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If you want to be apart of an ongoing environment where you N.I.N.J.A. = "Nonstop Intentionally Nurturing Joyous Ambitions." Feel free to click the banner above to get the details!

Welcome to all the Dream doers of life! Become a student and not a follower!

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