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What is Stuffhere Projects?

This is where I upload my content (business and pleasure!) I like to document it for memory, creativity and productivity purposes. I'm also sharing in the chance it may be of interest to you!

The ongoing projects of Stuffhere:


Collecting for Hobby, Selling & Reselling! Articles on products of interest and also my journey as a reseller. Lots of car boot sale & charity shop hunting!


Ways to Save & Make Money! I test and share a wide range of ways to help save money as well as make it!

 Mature Content Suggested for 18+                      

The Stuffhere Project's Late Night Shift! Horror books and films, and other darker stuff!, especially the obscure! 



My look at the news. Mostly a way of releasing anger around ridiculous political developments, through the use of dragon-laced sarcasm, surrealist turns and just sheer rants. Whatever gets you through the day, right?

Partners I work with:


Hand-knitted items by Ann Stuart. A lovely range of hand-crafted items that you can purchase as well as content themed around crafting!

For great collectables & other items visit:            The Stufforium ebay shop


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contact@theshp.net I'll get back to everyone asap!