About Us

Students Voting MN - Shakopee

Our mission is to prepare young people to be educated, engaged voters; support educators in teaching the rights and responsibilities of citizenship; stimulate political awareness among youth and adults; and increase participation in our democracy.

Students Voting MN - Shakopee is a community-based, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to educating young people about the importance of civic engagement and informed voting. The program is unique because it combines civic learning in the classroom, with family dialog and an authentic voting experience that reflects the adult process.

Students Voting MN- Shakopee gives teachers at all grade levels the tools and resources to expose their students to a realistic voting experience that includes learning about candidates and issues, voter registration and casting a ballot on or before Election day.

Students learn about the right to vote, democracy, civic responsibility and the importance of participation in the political process.

Students Voting MN - Shakopee serves students in the Shakopee School District and Shakopee Area Catholic School.

How it Works

Whether you are in the classroom or learning online, we are working to create an authentic voting experience for all students in grades 2-12 for the 2020 election season. Details will be shared through the teaching staff and on this website as the election draws near.

In the weeks leading up to the election, Shakopee teachers will use standards-based curriculum and activities to teach students about the rights, responsibilities, and mechanics of voting. Students Voting MN - Shakopee will provide an online Voter's Guide to be used in the classroom, and families are encouraged to access and discuss the Voter's Guide and candidates at home. The week of November 2, students will have the ability to cast their vote in a manner that reflects the learning model in place at that time (in-school or distance learning). An absentee ballot will be provided for those in the distance learning model.

While their votes don’t impact the official election outcome, students learn that they have the power to shape the future by their political engagement and civic involvement.

The program has been shown to improve students’ political knowledge and skills and empower them to motivate parents and others to do the same.

Who's Involved

  • District staff and volunteers serve on a steering committee to organize the program.

  • Teachers instruct students in the Students Voting curriculum and activities.

  • Historically, service organizations, businesses, churches and individuals help staff precincts on Election Day. However, this year students will vote in school or online during the school day.

  • Parents support their students by discussing the candidates and issues at home.