Student Art Project

The Call for Proposals has been updated on February 4th, 2018. The updated call for proposals can be found below. The last page of the Call for Proposals include all changes from the first revision. Please look over the changes before submitting a proposal.

The Umass Dartmouth Student Art Project is a friendly competition to create new artwork on campus. We will be accepting proposals to create artwork for one of three locations on campus. We will then select one of the proposals and give the artists a $2,000 material budget and $1,000 stipend to create their proposal.

This project was created by a combined effort of the Umass Dartmouth Student Government Association and the Center for Undisciplined research in order to help improve the aesthetic of the campus while also giving professional opportunities for students on campus. The expectations, requirements, and timeline of the project are outlined in the Call for Proposals which is located below. Any questions regarding the Student Art Project can be directed to Brian Towne at

Following link leads to the Call for Proposal:

Call for Proposals (Revision 2-4-18)


Proposals can be submitted via the following link:

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We are looking to install artwork in one of three locations on campus. All three of these are inside LArts. These locations have been named "Location A", "Location B" and "Location C".

Location A:

This is located in the LArts common space on the campus entrance side of LArts. This space includes a wall space and a platform surface. Any artwork in this space should not touch or otherwise impede the ramp in front of the space. The back wall may or may not be a load bearing wall, proposals should attempt to use the platform as much as possible to disperse the weight.

Location B:

This is a small alcove in the same common space area as Location A. This includes a small platform and a long wall. Similar to Location A, this wall may or may not be load bearing. Any art on the wall space in this area should not impede the use of the chairs against the wall.

Location C:

This is a wall located adjacent to the campus entrance side of LArts. This wall is a load bearing wall meaning it can hold heavier materials. As this is a trafficked area, artwork against this wall may not be any farther than 3" from the wall. The electrical box on the wall might be removable to accommodate the artwork. This is not guaranteed so any proposals in this area should consider both if the electrical box remains and if it is removed.