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Information & Guidelines: Last Updated: 15th Sept'2019

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INTERVIEW PLANNER – For Entry Level Candidates

(It is very important to plan things according to this check list whenever you are appearing for any recruitment/placement process. It will help you out to AVOID forget anything for preparation)

Preliminary Preparation

  1. Recollect all your academic, curricular, certificates and other credentials at one place.
  2. Select appropriate ones to prepare/draft your profile/CV
  3. Prepare a well – drafted CV. You should be capable of explaining each and every thing in your CV at the time of interview.
  4. NOTE: you should know exact spelling/abbreviation of your school/college names, degree, University etc. Never mention wrong entries in your CV. (including Grammar’s aspects)


Purchase correspondence paper stock (stationery and matching envelopes) of good quality i.e. executive bond papers etc. (NOTE: your used - stationary also leave a good or bad impression)

  1. Keep enough paper stock on hand to print your résumé, cover letters and other correspondence on matching stationery and envelopes at any time.
  2. Know the standards for writing cover letters, thank you letters, and when to phone.
  3. Keep track of all career related written and verbal correspondence.
  4. Always have extra, clean copies of your résumé with you.
  5. Keep an interview folder to bring with you on interviews. It should contain: a few résumés in a plastic sleeve, some reminders for yourself about your skills and your goals, and a pen and some paper to make notes before and after the interview.
  6. Bring to the interview: your interview folder, the names of the people you are meeting and the address with directions (check google map and how to reach – well in advance).
  7. Always carry – 5-10 Passport Sized photographs in FORMALS; Govt. ID (Like Aadhar Card/UID); PAN Card, College ID Card.
  8. You may get your Visiting Cards printed (e.g. you can mention pursuing MBA, B.TECH etc. with proper contact details, your education highlights, your institutions name etc.) so in case you get a chance to meet corporate people on the way while travelling, in few meetings you can share visiting cards to widen your network.
  9. Have articles like - glue-stick, paper clip/pins etc.


  1. You may also want: a comb, tissues papers (wet – refreshing tissue & dry – both), breathes mints. Handkerchiefs, Watch, Specks/Goggles etc.
  2. Small handy executive bag (e.g. Sling Bag or Office Bag); Office Folder

My Wardrobe - Dress/Uniform/Cloths

  1. Identify your basic interview wardrobe: select one or two outfits or suits that are considered fairly conservative for your field. Wear your complete uniform/formal dress up - during your “interviews”.
  2. Locate your local overnight or one-hour dry cleaner (in case requirement arise).
  3. Polish your business shoes.

Other Important Precautions

Leave yourself plenty of time to get there at interview venue.

  1. You want to arrive a little bit early, not just on time and never late.
  2. Follow up with “thank you letters” immediately (whenever get the chance).
  3. Make sure you can be reached/contacted, whether by phone, fax or email, WhatsApp (Always update your contact details at the earliest whenever it get changed; and keep in connect with people in your network).
  4. Don’t forget to maintain a decorum, discipline and attitude-check – throughout the recruitment process.
  5. Always research well about – Company website, profile; Job Profile, Your Skill/Knowledge Match with Current opportunity, contents of preparation, any latest update about company etc.
  6. Never forget to say a “Polite THANKS” to interviewer – doesn’t matter you got selected or not; but this will keep your way open in future always.
  7. Don’t get involved in any un-necessary discussion or argument either at company reception or with any of the staff at all.
  8. Always keep at least TWO reference ready with you – you may need to fill up the details in “Company Pre-Employment Form/ Data sheet or the reference can be asked from you as a part of your verification process. These reference can be any of your professional contact esp. from your institutions or your previous organization of your work or internship. Be ready with their Names. Designation, Mobile no., Email ID. NOTE: always keep these reference in your confidence so whenever any enquiry arise they can give an appropriate feedback about you.


Best of Luck!

Placement Cell

Further updates/guidelines will be shared at times. Please keep yourself updated with this web page.

Abhishek Verma

Head – Corporate Relations/Placement

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