Mrs. Lazo

School Year 2021-2022


Dear Parents,

Welcome back to school and to 5th and 6th grade! I am so delighted to be going on this journey with you and your child. With our combined encouragement and support your child will be a part of many exciting and rewarding experiences.

In this letter I hope to share information about our routines, policies, and educational activities that your child will be involved in during this school year. We hope that this knowledge will enable your child to make the adjustment to fifth and sixth grade and be prepared for the months ahead.

I believe that children benefit the most when the school and home support one another on a consistent basis. Working together as teacher, student, and parent/guardian, we can achieve a year of wonderful academic growth and personal responsibility for your child. I am truly looking forward to working with you and your child.


Mrs. E. Lazo

Classroom Policies

Classroom Responsibilities

Beginning on the first day of school, your child will become familiar with our classroom rules, procedures, and responsibilities. Each child must come in an orderly fashion and have respect for himself/herself and others. These classroom obligations will carry through in the church, schoolyard, halls, and auditorium.


Your child will have homework every night. I will be using websites called Google Site and Classroom to post all classroom information. In addition to a newsletter, Google Suite will also contain weekly updates, important links, special notices, events, and the class schedule. Assignments will be written each day on Google Site. Please check your child's assignment each night so that we can be assured that you are aware of the work required. Provide your child with a quiet place to work and concentrate. Homework will be checked each day in class. You will receive a homework notice to sign and return if your child does not hand in an assignment. Incomplete homework will reduce your child's academic performance and report card grade.


Punctuality is very important. If your child is absent, he/she must present a note to the teacher upon returning to school. If a note is not received, the absence is recorded as illegal. Your child will make up missed work within a reasonable amount of time upon their return to school. Please do not call the school to ask for assignments. Your child should rest when he/she is ill and return to school when they are fully able to participate in all activities.


All tests must be signed and returned the following day. Please review any mistakes with your child. Your child will be given 2-4 days notice before a test is given.

Class Participation

Please encourage your child to participate and ask questions in class. It is a vital part of their grade in each subject.

Grading Key: ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Religion

Test - 70% Classwork: 15% Homework - 15%

Special Classes

Monday - Health (First Trimester)


Tuesday - Art (Week 1)

Wednesday - Spanish

Thursday - Library/Media

Friday - Physical Education

St. Sebastian Student Folder

Please check your child's folder each day for important notices, letters, completed classwork and graded test papers. Your child's folder serves as an essential form of communication between parents and school. It is not to be used as storage for memos or classwork. A separate folder should be used for Math worksheets.

Book Information


  • Please be aware that if your child loses any books, they must be replaced immediately.

  • Ideally, all workbooks and folders must be covered with clear contact paper, labeled with your child's name, and should be brought to school with your child on the first full day of school.

Classroom Books

Mathematics (Grade 5) McGraw-Hill My Math Volumes 1 and 2

The fifth grade Math Curriculum consists of main units in the following topics: place value, decimal fractions, multi-digit whole numbers, decimal fraction operations, addition and subtraction of fractions, multiplication and division of fractions, addition and multiplication with volume and area, and problem solving with coordinate plane. The program focuses on concepts and hands-on activities designed to motivate all students. Throughout the year, students will be tested at the end of each chapter.

Mathematics (Grade 6) Glencoe Math Course 1 Volume 1 and 2

The sixth grade Math Curriculum consists of main units in the following topics: ratios and proportional relationships, the number system, expressions, and equations, geometry, and statistics and probability. The program focuses on four critical areas: (1) using concepts of ratio and rate to solve problems, (2) understanding division of fractions, (3) using expressions and equations, and (4) understanding of statistical reasoning. Throughout the year, students will be tested at the end of each chapter.

Each student will also take the New York State Math Test in May. The test is implemented over two days and includes multiple-choice questions as well as short and extended responses where your child must show work in solving problems.

  • Day 1 - Tuesday, April 26th

  • Day 2 - Wednesday, April 27th

  • Day 3 - Thursday, April 28th

*As the testing date approaches, students will be given various test practice materials in preparation for the exam. As stated previously, it is imperative that your child completes these independently, so that we may accurately assess and plan further instruction.

Religion (Grade 5) Sadlier We Believe

The fifth grade Religion curriculum follows a proven 3-Step Catechetical process: We Gather, We Believe, and We Respond. In We Gather, the students gather in prayer at the beginning of every chapter. They respond to God's call and His grace through prayer and reflection on their experience. They pray, sing, and explore the ways the faith speaks to their lives. In We Believe, each chapter presents the truths of the Catholic faith found in Sacred Scripture and Tradition, and in accordance with the Magisterium of the Church. The content of faith is presented in ways that are age-appropriate, culturally sensitive, and varied. Each day they are invited to respond to the message of the lesson. Through prayer, song, and actions that express their beliefs, students are called to live out their discipleship among their peers, their families, their school, and parish communities.