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Stripe has been successful in turning a lot of heads with its exclusive services to businesses for building economic infrastructure on the Internet. It is a technology company that offers compatible services for every size of businesses- startup projects and initiative, and to established public companies. Their software is a perfect way to go for accepting payments and manage business operations online. This read focuses on how you can create your Stripe login account along with a detailed projection of Stripe’s API (relating to payments) for the first ten years of its business. Let’s dive right in and know all about it.


Let’s take a look at the steps involved in creating a Stripe account:

1. From your web browser visit the official Stripe site online.

2. Look for, locate, and hit on the option that says “Sign In”.

3. Next, scroll to the bottom and get into the “Sign Up” option.

4. Provide your email address, name, and country of origin.

5. Set up a strong and unique password for your Stripe account.

6. Crosscheck the data entered and hit on “Create account”.


  1. Your account has been created with access to several business models and the ability to connect with millions of businesses.

  2. With your account, you’ll have access to applications for managing your revenue, take measures against frauds, and even ways to expand overseas.

  3. All your payment dilemmas and complexities have been made easy with Stripe’s payment engine.

  4. Reliability, protection, and scalability are the three most important features of making payments via Stripe.


Stripe aims to bring maximum efficiency to the e-commerce ideology and for which, it offers a combination of payment platforms that are directed to make revenue data the major point of focus in businesses. Although signing up for an account is easy, the company was assumed for not putting enough effort into its API. An American business magazine published a story that their API only had seven lines of code, which then shifted to huge criticisms.

The company was questioned about their development tools and it was highly criticized that the designing of its API was easy and required only seven lines of code that might be unsafe for users. Later, Stripe stated about nine lines for their nine-line cURL that created the API. They supported their idea and services saying that it would have been magical if that were possible at all which was followed by the evolution of their APIs over a decade.

They suggested that complex credit card processing along with a reduction in the integration that runs and gives out immediate returns could be achieved only by a few lines of code seemed like a distant reality. Here’s a walkthrough of their API journey for Stripe payments:

· They made credit cards the predominant method of making payments along with creating a library with JavaScript that stored details for the card payments- Stripe.js.

· They moved on to adding ACH and Bitcoin payment methods all over the US.

· Then, they looked into and added simpler payment APIs that required actions from the users to initiate a transaction.

· Then they were able to start designing a more unified method inspired by their users and the problems they encountered with the existing routes of integration.

· They finally introduced their current in-use APIs- PaymentIntent and PaymentMethod.

They aimed to design and offer an API that is beneficial for both the user and the developer so that they do not encounter any issue with the functioning of the software. And to say that all these changes over a decade only involved a “seven-line code” is more than criticism. With the choices made and efforts put from across the Stripe towards an effective and simple API for your Stripe login account, you can see that the company cares.