Thanks for your interest in helping the Stride Muay Thai fight team get to the TBA Muay Thai World Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, June 2022.

These young athletes have been pushing themselves hard throughout the pandemic when workouts went online, during outdoor training in heat, rain, snow, and ice, and at gruelling 6am sessions. They've got resilience down pat.

With your help, we can get these hardworking fighters into the ring in Iowa, where all their time, energy, and heart will come to fruition. See all our fundraising activities below.

Time to get swole! Strength training is proven to benefit stability, mobility, bone density, posture, longevity, weight loss, and of course strength. With this full wet of hand weights from 10-45lbs, you'll be set for a full body workout at home.

Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $25. To enter, please e-transfer Draw will happen on Saturday, May 28. Includes delivery to the gym or if nearby.


Thanks for all your orders! The order form is now closed. Stay tuned for if we go another round...

Lovingly made by gym members, Heidi and Lee, from their families' traditional Chinese and Thai recipes, the most delicious homemade comfort food, sure to be a hit with the whole family.

Dumplings with red oil and scallions

Chinese Dumplings

Plump, tender parcels in traditional pork, chicken, or vegetarian options

Spring rolls

Thai Spring Rolls

Crispy, crunchy, and stuffed with delicious meat or vegetarian filling

Recyclables Drive - SPRING 2022

Time for spring cleaning! That stack of takeout containers you've got taking up space in your kitchen cupboard? We'll pick them up and donate them to an organization that will reuse them. Bags of clothing your kids have outgrown? We'll bring them to reputable clothing donation drop-off depots. For a recommended donation amount of $20/garbage bag, we'll help you declutter quickly, easily, and for a good cause.

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plastic takeout food container
Several teens and adults pose in front of a boxing ring

Thank you for supporting Stride Muay Thai fighters in their pursuit of winning in Iowa!