Learning Sessions

Ten learning sessions will be available during the day. These will be conducted through plenary and breakout sessions. Breakout schedules will have simultaneous learning sessions to choose from.

Plenary Sessions

Saurav Atri

A Stronger Employee Experience with CliftonStrengths

Companies often focus on creating an experience that will make their clients happy and feel valued. The same effort needs to be given for their employees too.

Join Saurav, the Regional Director of South East Asia Gallup, and discover why the employee experience is important. Learn more about the challenges and perks of creating a great employee experience and ways to rethink their journey. You will also discover how strengths can enhance the experience of both managers and employees, which in turn boosts your team's engagement.

Coach Pia Nazareno Acevedo

Strengths in Action through Powering Your Inner Work

People with strong Inner Work possess a strong conviction of self. Coach Pia's plenary session will help you learn how to develop habits that strengthen your Inner Work and guarantee that your natural talents are always in their mature, most dynamic, and most productive form.

Breakout Sessions

Coach Apa Alviar, Jr.

The Six Steps to an Exuberant Life

Join Coach Apa and discover what Exuberance is all about — a mindset that helps you overcome life’s challenges. Learn the six steps to living a life of exuberance and how you can use your talents to enhance wellness and productivity at work and at a home.

Coach Bernard Marquez

EQ: Using an Intelligent Heart to Amplify Talents

Did you know that it takes time, effort, and investment to develop your talents into strengths? Join Coach Bernard and learn how EQ, or being intelligent with your heart, can help you develop your talents. You will discover ways to become more aware, intentional, and purposeful with your choices as you amplify your talents through EQ.

Coach Elmo Alforque

Name, Claim, Aim Your Dominant Domain

The framework of the four CliftonStrengths domains — Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, and Strategic Thinking provides another way to think about your CliftonStrengths and how you contribute when you join, create, or lead a team. Join Coach Elmo as he shares practical ways to apply and aim your dominant domain as a team player and leader.

Coach Joy "Joey" Guevara

Crafting Your Life Purpose Statement from a Place of Strengths

Coach Joey will lead participants through a task-based reflection process, anchored on Simon Sinek’s business framework. Journey with her through a series of steps that will allow you to create an initial draft of your life purpose statement. The activities in this session will help you unpack core values, core doing, and core impact of your dominant talents.

Coach Leo Castillo

Strengths and Action Learning: Combining Strengths with the Power of High Performing Teams

Experience the combined power of Strengths and Action Learning with Coach Leo! Intentionally use your strengths in a powerful, collaborative, and innovative way through the WIAL Action Learning Model. Discover how you can create actions for real and complex problems.

Coach Lillibeth Vazquez

The Joy of Managing a Strengths-based Company

Learn from Coach Lillibeth’s experiences and expertise in building a business and keeping it on the right track through strengths. Discover the important role of strengths and how this can be used to create a happy workplace that is positive, empowering, and results-driven.

Coach Fredric "Lippy" Lipio & Coach May Soriano

The Real Deal

Join Coach Lippy and Coach May as they share and break down real life stories from their coaching practice. Through this session, you will gain practical tips and techniques that will help you build on your talents and put your Strengths into Action.

Coach Val T. Baguios III

Leveling Up Management Conversations Using Strengths

Studies have found that only 26% of employees engage in one-on-one coaching conversations with their managers. Those who received these conversations testified that it helped them become better workers and team members. Coach Val’s session will help you discover strengths-based development concepts that can help you and your employees take performance to the next level.