We would love for you to join our conference, but we also understand that your manager may not yet share your enthusiasm and appreciation for Strengths.

We prepared a short email template you can use to explain the value of strengths to your manager. It consists of what you will gain from attending the conference, how your team and your workplace can benefit from your experience, and the opportunities for you to network during the conference.

Feel free to edit this as you see fit!

It is important that you deliver on your commitments to your manager! During the conference, be sure to jot down actionable insights and recommendations you learned from the sessions.

We encourage you to show your manager how you will capture those practical ideas to increase the chances of your manager's buy-in. We created a learning guide that can help you organize your notes.

If you need a quick reference for your workshop options, you can find the full schedule of the program here.


Workshops with Real Application

With more than 10 workshops, you will walk away with practical insights on how to take the Strengths concept to reality, from idea to action.

Learn from the facilitators and expert Strengths coaches who will be attending the conference side-by-side with you.

Gain Meaningful Connections

Connect with like-minded Strengths users, experts, and enthusiasts.

Meet others who share your experiences and challenges, and walk away with fresh new insights and new friends.

Performance and Skills Development Opportunities

Gain unique insight into how to turn talent into Strengths and productively apply these ideas to boost your performance and productivity.