The Strength Solution Method (250 pages) Written in 2014. It contains basic information about the human body. A little bit about my personal Journey in Strength & Conditioning and a whole lot of training insight including (calisthenics, kettlebells, barbells and odd objects). If you want a NO NONSENSE manual that covers everything you need to know for a stronger and healthier life, this book is for you. It's included in any program I offer but also available for order by contacting

IMPACT (110 pages) - Written in 2018. It is the continuation of The Strength Solution Method. I answer the question of what IMPACT am I having on my clients and customers. I've also included several kettlebell (and other) feats and challenges in this book. If you're looking to become strong, capable and confident outside the gym setting, then this book if for you. It is available for order by contacting