About lessons

What happens in an Alexander lesson?

In a lesson, I'll guide you toward a better organization of your body by employing demonstration, verbal directions, visual aids, and touch. With my assistance, you'll then perform simple movements (called "procedures") in a way that respects this healthful relationship between your head, your spine, your feet, and the rest of your body.

Practicing these procedures in the course of everyday life will develop your body awareness and improve your body's functioning, thus increasing the ease and efficiency manifested in all your physical activities.

I'll carefully customize each lesson, choosing procedures that will challenge you and increase your facility with the Technique. I'll continually adapt my instruction to meet your needs and answer your questions as they arise.

Finally, I'll offer recommendations on specific things to work on until the next lesson.

The first lesson typically takes about 90 minutes; subsequent lessons are 60 minutes.

What happens in the very first lesson?

In an introductory lesson:

  • we'll discuss your goals for learning the Technique
  • you'll learn the five main principles of the Technique
  • you'll discover your most notable postural and movement habits
  • we'll practice a couple of procedures, usually including a table turn (see photos below)
  • I'll offer suggestions on what to work on until your next lesson
  • you'll get answers to as many of your questions as time allows.

How many lessons do I need?

Students typically need 5–10 lessons to gain a practical understanding of the Technique. The number of lessons depends on:

  • the condition of your use (use is the manner in which you use your body to carry out any activity in life)
  • the severity of your injury or ailment (if any), and
  • how well you practice the Technique and work to incorporate it into your daily life.

With this basic understanding, you will have the tools to make progress on your own—progress in increasing your awareness of your habits, in reducing pain, in improving your game, etc.

Subsequent lessons will refine your understanding and teach how to use the Technique under a wider set of circumstances. This working knowledge may be especially useful and interesting for athletes, dancers, musicians, and others engaged in physically or technically demanding pursuits.

To truly make the changes in thinking and behavior stick, you should plan to take lessons spanning at least two months, for this is the length of time required to form a new habit.

How frequently should I take lessons?

I recommend that you take your first lessons close together, if possible, to most efficiently launch both the acclimation to the new kinesthestic sensations and the rooting out of existing bodily habits. In my experience, it's best to schedule the first two lessons 3–4 days apart. Subsequent lessons can occur weekly.

Suggestions on attire

Please dress comfortably.

  • Choose unrestrictive pants or leggings instead of a skirt or dress
  • Choose a sleeved shirt over a tank top
  • Be prepared to remove your shoes.

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