Strectozine Secrets

Strectozine Secrets

Stretch marks (striae distensae) are stripes that appear on the skin mostly in women around the belly, breasts, thighs, and upper arms. They are caused by the human body making more skin than it can support. Stretch marks can appear at anytime during puberty and other growth episodes but are very common during pregnancy. They are not painful or harmful but can be uncomfortable and embarrassing for some as it can cause scarring most of the time.

Stretch marks, often called striae, are thin lines that are red in color. They form when the middle layer of skin called the dermis becomes thinner and stretches as the underlying layer of tissue grows. Although stretch marks look like scars, they are actually caused by overstretching of the skin.

Stretch Marks: Cause and Types

Stretch Marks may be due to pregnancy, puberty, sudden loss or weight gain, being overweight and the use of some kinds of steroid creams or tablets. The level of cortisol can also be the cause. This hormone produced by the adrenal gland causes the weakening of elastic fibers in the skin. Stretch Marks usually affects females and may be due to a family member having the same condition or genetics.

The two main classifications of stretch marks based on formation and appearance are Striae rubrae (Pink / red stretch marks) which is the acute stage or the earliest indication of an overstretched skin and the Striae albae (White stretch marks) which is a more chronic or mature stage where the stretch marks appear to look like scars with irregular shape and hyperpigmentation. Over time, this develops into a fine wrinkly texture.

Other classifications when it comes to types of stretch marks include:

Striae gravidarum: These occur as a result of pregnancy.

Striae nigrae: Stretch marks that are dark grey or black in color. This is usually applicable to darker complexion skin types.

Striae caerulea: Dark blue / purplish stretch marks that applicable to those with darker complexions.

Striae atrophicans: Thinned skin associated with stretch marks – this may develop in those with Cushing’s syndrome, due to the prolonged use of corticosteroids or after a surgical procedure.

Treatment to Stretch Marks

Stretchmarks don't easily go away naturally. It is a type of scarring that rarely disappears, however, there are remedies to help minimize its appearance.

Readily available home remedies may include:

Vitamin A taken orally and certain diets that contain its ingredient. Carrots and sweet potatoes are also rich in Vitamin A which helps minimize stretch marks.

Over-the counter-creams containing Vitamin A or Retinoid helps skin appear healthy, youthful and smoother.

Microdermabrasion is a popular method used by dermatologists to remove stretch marks. A naturopathic microdermabrasion method at home is with the use of sugar mixed with other ingredients such as lemon and almond oil to exfoliate the skin.

Another ideal and natural home remedy is with the use of aloe vera. Although there's a few clinical evidence that this plant cures stretch marks, it has natural healing properties and is a skin softener at the same time.

Consuming a capsule or extract of Hyaloronic acid. This stimulates production of collagen, a protein in the skin that makes it appear healthy.

Other treatments for stretchmarks include: Laser therapy, needling, Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, radiofrequency, ultrasound treatment and cosmetic surgery as may be suggested by your dermatologist or plastic surgeon for best and faster results.

Can Stretch Marks be Prevented?

There is no guarantee to its prevention especially when it runs genetically in the family. Maintaining a healthy diet, and exercise even during pregnancy may be helped and reduces the chances of developing stretch marks.

Keeping your skin healthy and hydrated helps keep the elastin in your skin to prevent overstretching and scarring. Use of natural or cosmetic creams also helps the skin stay moisturized and may minimize its appearance.

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