A list of games grouped to help you find your next co-op experience.

Our Favorites:

Divinity Original Sin II | Ep. 17 & 20 | RPG
Co-op Category: Turn-Based
PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch | Same Screen / Online

A Way Out | Ep. 10 | Action
Co-op Category: Narrative
PS4, Xbox, PC | Same Screen / Online

Terraria | Ep. 2 | 2D Sandbox / Builder
Co-op Category: Resource Sharing / Damage Stacking
Switch, PS4, Xbox, PC, Mac, Linux, Mobile,
3DS, Vita, Wii U, PS3, 360
| Online

Playing with family:

Kirby Star Allies | Ep. 9 | 2D Platformer
Co-op Category: Supplemental
Switch | Same Screen

Moving Out | Ep. 52 | Action Puzzle Sim
Co-op Category: Teamworking
PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch | Online / Same Screen

Overcooked | Ep. 39| Action Puzzle Sim
Co-op Category: Teamworking
PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch | Online / Same Screen

high intensity:

Monster Hunter World | Ep. 25 | Action
Co-op Category: Damage Stacking
PS4, Xbox, PC | Online

Sea of Thieves | Ep. N/A | Action FPS
Co-op Category: Crew Roles
Xbox, PC | Online

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime | Ep. 21| Action Shooter
Co-op Category: Crew Roles
Switch, Xbox, PC | Same Screen

low barrier to entry:

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes | Ep. 33 | Puzzle
Co-op Category: Crew Roles
Xbox, PS4, PC, Mac, Linux, Switch, Android, VR | Screen + Manual

Luigi's Mansion 3 | Ep. 42 | Action / Puzzle
Co-op Category: Supplemental / Accomplice
Switch | Same Screen

Stardew Valley | Ep. 29 | Farming Simulation
Co-op Category: Resource Sharing
Switch, PS4, PC | Split Screen / Online

Pizza Party:

Heave Ho | Ep. 41 | 2D Platformer
Co-op Category: Pizza Party / Teamworking
PC, Switch | Same Screen

Super Mario Party | Ep. 19 | Party
Co-op Category: Turn Based / Pizza Party
PC, Switch | Same Screen

Human Fall Flat | Ep. 14 | Party
Co-op Category: Pizza Party
PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox | Split Screen / Online

great with kids:

Yoshi's Crafted World | Ep. 37 | 2D Platformer
Co-op Category: Accomplice / Supplemental
Switch | Same Screen

Minecraft Dungeons | Ep. 51 | Isometric Hack & Slash
Co-op Category: Damage Stacking
PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch | Online / Same Screen

Animal Crossing | Ep. 47 | Life-sim
Co-op Category: Resource Sharing / Supplemental
Switch | Online / Same Screen

The Saves Together Recommends list does not replace our episodes and we suggest listening to our full episode (if one is available) as well as conducting your own research on a title to make sure the co-op game you're interested in is right for you!
Not every facet of a game's design can be summed up in a simple category or two.


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