About Myself

My name is Kurt Reschner; I am a Chemical Engineer based in Germany. I am the founder of one of the first cryogenic scrap tire recycling plants in the Midwest of the US that turns more than a million scrap tires into a valuable resource. The launch of this company was the immediate result of my Master Thesis and my research done at the University of Nebraska in the early 1990ies.

Since my return to Germany from the US, I work as Consulting Engineer for entrepreneurs, investors, lenders and governmental agencies world-wide. I have visited and evaluated hundreds of existing plants and emerging projects. I also was instrumental in the implementation of a number of scrap tire and rubber recycling projects from the conceptual idea to the successful commercialization. I also cover a number related subjects such as cryogenic grinding, devulcanization, reprocessing of high value elastomers, pyrolysis, and waste-to-diesel conversion.

My work is referenced by in numerous articles, patents and government documents. My article linked below is intended to give a general introduction on this subject. It was first published in the year 2000, but it went through a number of revisions to cover newer developments and events.

Scrap Tire and Rubber Recycling: A Summary of Prevalent Scrap Tire Recycling Methods

Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions about my background, my references or if you require a quotation for my support on your project.