Mountaineer Academy

Mountaineer Academy provides a professional growth opportunity for EASD teachers in the form of optional, fully online training modules.

Hosted on Schoology (our Learning Management System), each asynchronous module offers readings, videos, podcasts, and teaching resources that align specifically to the goals of the Ephrata Area School District. Each module takes approximately 30-60 minutes to complete.

At the conclusion of each Mountaineer Academy module, teachers are asked to reflect on their learning and apply their new understanding to the classroom.

Building principals review the end-of-module checkpoints and award E-Coins (digital badges), which can then be exchanged for exclusive Mountaineer gear.

Administrators and instructional coaches help develop topics and contribute content for Mountaineer Academy.


If you do this in your school or district, reflect.

          • Similarities and differences
          • Lessons learned
          • Additional considerations

If you don't do this in your school or district, create a condensed action plan.

          • What do you need to get started?
          • What resources do you have in place?
          • How could this be implemented?


You may continue to explore this or any option from the Targets, Tools, or Techniques menu. Might we suggest: