Guiding Coalition

The Guiding Coalition 3.0 is a group of teachers, media specialists, instructional coaches, and administrators from across the Ephrata Area School District. The group meets once a month after school to grow innovation at each site. All teachers are invited to to share successes and failures in implementing innovative practices in their classrooms. We focus on Lessons from Field and Guided Processing. Coalition members make a Shared Commitment to implement a new tool or technique in between monthly meeting.

Our objectives for this version of the Guiding Coalition is "lowering the bar" for participation and leveraging what teachers are doing in classrooms. It’s no longer “can” we use tools and tech to hit targets, it’s how are we doing it. We will use GC 3.0 to connect teachers and grow (+1 is now 2x). Learning Coaches guide/recruit teachers to share at the meetings based the tools and techniques they are using to hit our new targets.

As early adopters of tools and techniques for personalized and blended learning, Guiding Coalition members provide valuable feedback and examples to administrators, coaches, and each other. They also impact instruction organically at the building level by sharing what they have learned with their colleagues.


If you do this in your school or district, reflect.

          • Similarities and differences
          • Lessons learned
          • Additional considerations

If you don't do this in your school or district, create a condensed action plan.

          • What do you need to get started?
          • What resources do you have in place?
          • How could this be implemented?


You may continue to explore this or any option from the Targets, Tools, or Techniques menu. Might we suggest: