Design Challenges

Lesson Design Challenges

Teachers are tasked with redesigning lessons to incorporate new targets, new tools, and new techniques during professional development sessions and Guiding Coalition meetings. General challenges like those below serve as an opportunity to brainstorm with colleagues as a warm-up for redesigning current lessons and units.

21st C Lesson Design

Get 21st Centuried

Expanding upon this concept, Get 21st Centuried will offer a new and innovative approach to collaborating among educators.

Every month, a traditional project, unit, learning activity, or assignment will be posted on Lesson designers (teachers) are encouraged to share how they would instruct and implement this lesson with students.

Submissions will be evaluated by the Get21stCenturied team to identify a Top Pick each month. All submissions will be posted and archived to serve as an educational resource.

In this way, @21stCenturied will explore and curate a variety of instructional concepts shared by lesson designers.


If you do this in your school or district, reflect.

          • Similarities and differences
          • Lessons learned
          • Additional considerations

If you don't do this in your school or district, create a condensed action plan.

          • What do you need to get started?
          • What resources do you have in place?
          • How could this be implemented?


You may continue to explore this or any option from the Targets, Tools, or Techniques menu. Might we suggest: