About US


The Stout Student Association (SSA) is the collective student governing body at the University of Wisconsin - Stout. Granted authority under Wisconsin State Statute 36.09(5), SSA represents the entire student body on issues surrounding student life, services, and interests.

The legislative branch of SSA, the University Student Senate (USS), meets every Tuesday in the Memorial Student Center, Ballroom A at 7:00PM to work on issues for the UW-Stout student body. We welcome and encourage anyone who wishes to attend. The Executive Board of SSA (consisting of 4 appointed positions and 3 elected positions) and student senators make up the University Student Senate.


The mission of the Stout Student Association is to ensure that all students opinions, rights, and interests are represented and voiced. The SSA supports students by encouraging them through guidance, consultation and funding allocations. The SSA also provides strong collaboration between its students, the administration, the staff and the community.


Every student becomes a member of SSA simply by enrolling at UW-Stout. This means that all Stout students can vote in elections or on referendums. Any student can become a member of the USS by applying for a position or running in the elections. Senator elections and executive elections are held towards the end of spring semester.

The State of Wisconsin has given students the right to be part of the decision making process on all issues concerning students (Wisconsin State Statute 36.09.5). SSA is an organization of students working for students and provides input and regulation of university affairs. The SSA controls approximately $500,000 of activity fee money which it allocates to Recognized Student Organizations as well as about $1 million in technology fee money which is allocated to technology related proposals.

Beyond this, SSA is involved in a variety of decision making around the campus, including everything from initiatives like the laptop program, to the planning of the new Jarvis Science Wing, evaluation of academic programs, and the cost and quality of cafeteria food.