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Directions Storyplaying is a story game toolbox that allows you to collaboratively build plots and roleplay emotionally satisfying scenes.


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Directions Storyplaying - NEW version 0.7

Handouts (PDF) v 0.7 | 16 Sep 2019

Spielbögen DEUTSCH (PDF) v 0.7 | 16 Sep 2019

Experience Guide (PDF) v 0.7 | 28 Feb 2018

Old 0.5 version

Reference Guide (130 p. PDF) v 0.5 | 10 Oct 2017

Schnellstart-Anleitung (PDF) v 0.5 | 3 Oct 2017

Other Files

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Running the Game

What kind of game is Directions Storyplaying?

Directions Storyplaying encourages collaboratively developing and experiencing stories together in roleplaying.

It is not a game ...

... with a tight system that requires you to faithfully stick to the rules.

... that encourages a competitive spirit and "winning".

... where players hold on and focus tightly on "their" character.

... that lets the dice decide what happens in the story.

It is a game ...

... that provides a tool box that you can use how you like to tell a story together.

... that is about the joy of telling a story together and even enjoying "failures" of characters.

... where players focus on the big picture of the whole story, not being too concerned about a specific character.

... where all players together take full responsibility for the outcome of the game (including deciding on leaving it up to the dice occa­sionally).