Nutritional Coaching

While exercise can work wonders, nutrition is the groundwork for any success in health and wellness. Whether your goals are to lose weight, run marathons, or bulk up, without the proper fuel, your body won’t reach its full potential. Working one on one with a Certified Nutrition Coach will provide education for your nutrition and guide you towards a healthy lifestyle.


Nutrition Education - learn everything you need to know to get on track with a healthier lifestyle

Learn what foods you should be eating (and avoiding) to reach your health goals

Learn about gut issues and how to heal

Learn about all the "Fad Diets" like Paleo, KETO, etc. and weight loss trends

Learn the tips and tricks to make simple switches in your life & kitchen to feel better physically and mentally

Learn how to read food labels and shop smarter

Learn about the essential vitamins, minerals and other supplements your body needs to thrive, and how to find them through foods & supplementation

Cost: $85 / 1-hour session

Personalized meal plan

If you're someone who does better when given a list of EXACTLY WHAT TO DO (in this case EAT), then this is your kind of plan! Personal plan, customized for you and your health goals!

Personalized plan that revolves around your health goals and lifestyle/schedule

Menu changes from week to week

Recipes and cooking tips included

Daily goals and reminders to follow on your guide

Easy to use Google format

Cost: $100 / month

Private grocery store tour

The learning opportunity of walking through a grocery store with a Health Coach is one you shouldn't pass up. Walk around our next door neighbor, Fresh Thyme Market with us.

Learn what foods you should be eating (and avoiding) to reach your health goals

Learn how to shop smart (healthy and savvy)

Learn how to read labels and avoid the marketing scams

Your chance to ask questions about the products you love or have been eye-balling on the shelves.

Handouts with suggestions, sample shopping lists, heathly eating tips and more!

Cost: $100 / tour - 1-1.5 Hours