Fitness Training

Stonecipher Fitness and Nutrition offers a wide array of fitness training for all ages and fitness levels. We have something for everyone!

Personal Training

One-on- One Fitness Training. Set your goal and we'll get there together!

Partner Training

Fitness Training for those who enjoy a workout buddy! We will set you up with a partner, or bring your own! Great for friends, couples, or families.

Group Strength Training

Strength training and total body conditioning format. Great for those who like buddies to stay accountable to, or need extra motivation! 6 person maximum per class. We also offer some advanced classes for those who LOVE to lift!

TRX Bodyweight Resistance Training

TRX is a bodyweight suspension training platform. Excellent for all fitness levels. Build strength, improve mobility and flexibility. The TRX equipment will be used in most of our classes, one way or another!

Youth and Teen Fitness

Start them with the right direction early on. Our youth classes cover how exercising will help the athletes improve on and off the field. Whether their purpose for training is to get better at a sport or just to get healthy, this is the class for them. The kids will learn exercises for speed, strength, agility, balance coordination. On top of that we focus on their nutrition, ability to work as a team, personal confidence, and leadership. Classes are split up between ages 7-10 and 11-14.

Elite Classes

Take your training and body to the next level with our Elite classes. Elite Strength will focus on building and using your maximal strength through barbell, dumbbell and kettle bell training. Elite TRX is for those of you who LOVE the TRX and are ready to try the advanced movements with your feet in the foot cradles!

Elite classes are limited to 6 people, and you must be pre-approved by a Coach to join the class (we don't want you to injure yourself if your body isn't ready for the movements!)

Core and Flexibility Training

Foundational core movements with guided stretching techniques from a coach who wants to see you stronger and longer. This class is only offered a couple times a week and is limited to 8 people.

Outdoor Bootcamp (Summer)

Fun in the sun with our outdoor bootcamp events. We combine the beauties of a park with some tough workouts that people of all levels can enjoy. Come on out and enjoy this outdoor workout built for those not afraid of a little sweat in the sun.