Welcome to our website! We are the Stoke branch of Young Life, a network of Christian youth groups across the UK. We exist for two reasons, which are summarised in our motto: "Reaching the Lost, Discipling the Found." This means we are here to encourage Christian young people in their teens and twenties to grow in their faith, deepen their relationship with Jesus, and introduce Him to their friends.

We meet each Saturday evening (and occasionally other nights too), usually at Emmanuel Church in Bradeley (we are an inter-church group), and anybody from the age of 13 upwards is welcome to come along. Our regular meetings usually involve some fun activities related to the subject for the evening and some time spent looking at what the Bible has to say about it. We have speakers come from far and wide to share with us the truth from God's Word, the Bible, and encourage us to live it out. You can find out more about our regular meetings on the What's On page. Make sure you check out our Special Events page too, where you can find out about some of the other events which are coming up soon.

What We Believe

Stoke YL exists because we believe in the message of the Bible, which is simply this:

  • There is a perfect God, who made this world and everything in it, and gave us good rules to live by.
  • We have all broken God's rules, and because of this we deserve His punishment.
  • Because God is just, He must punish our wrong.
  • Because God loves us, He came to this world in the person of Jesus Christ, and died by crucifixion to take the punishment we deserve for our wrong.
  • Anyone who believes in Jesus and asks God for forgiveness on the basis of what He has done will be forgiven. They will receive everlasting life in heaven after their life on earth comes to an end.
  • One day Jesus is going to return to earth. On that day, all who have not believed in Him, whether dead or alive, will be punished forever for their wrong; but all who have believed and received His forgiveness, whether dead or alive, will be taken to heaven to live in God's presence forever.

For a more detailed statement of faith please see this page.