Club Runs

We run three levels of ride, details of which are below (we also have ladies specific rides - email our Ladies Ride Leader, Jane, for current details at Although of course ladies can, and do, attend the rides below also).

Please note that for all rides, participation is at your own risk.

Short-length ride (between 25 and 35 miles, average speed 14 - 16mph with short stops along the way to allow for catch-ups and rests at the tops of steep climbs if required). These rides are for those who find the other options too long and/or too fast and are also an ideal way to see which ride is for you if you aren't sure and fear slowing a group down (as we all do worry about this when we first go out with a club or group!). Nobody will ever knowingly be left behind. If this ride is too short or slow, then next time try the Medium Ride, but we do encourage all new riders to start with at least one 'Short Ride'. Mountain bikes are discouraged due to the minimum average speed being 14mph, which is difficult to achieve on a mountain bike.

There will almost always be a coffee stop somewhere along the route abut participants must ensure that they have brought enough food (energy and/or real) and water, to top themselves up should the cafe visit be missed.

As the short group is made up of cyclists of varying abilities and experience, everyone is expected to stick together and be aware if there are splits in the group, if someone is struggling or if there is a mechanical. Any such split should be immediately relayed to the front of the group, and in particular the ride leader, so that the whole group can slow or stop and ensure no one gets left behind.

Due to the short nature of some of the rides, we find ourselves riding the same roads out of and back into Ingleby Barwick each week and so occasionally we will start in a different place. Good alternative starting places are Sainsburys in Stockton, Long Newton, Crathorne and Kirklevington. Any amendments to the start place will be noted on the website (this page), Facebook,and Twitter, during the week before. This will start at the Myton House pub at 9:30am each week.

Please Check The Club's Facebook Page On Friday / Saturday For Details of Sunday's Club Runs

Medium-length ride (usually 35-50 miles, average speed 16-18mph)

This ride is for those who find the Short ride too short in distance or slow in speed for their tastes. It is recommended that you start with a 'Short Ride' before coming out on the 'Medium Ride'.

Sometimes, the group may split if there is a spread of abilities, but generally the group will stop and wait for people to catch up at appropriate points (such as after a major climb or at a major junction). However, occasionally riders may 'drop off the back' which may go unnoticed if not communicated through the group, which is something we really try to avoid but does happen so please be comfortable with having to make your own way back in the event of this happening.

We discourage 'Strava hunting' - going off the front ahead of the leaders is poor etiquette on a Club Run and is likely to lead to you not following the route of everyone else, missing a turning and ending up on a lonely journey for the rest of the way! The exceptions to this are long or steep climbs where you are prepared to wait at the top, as everyone climbs at their own pace. Please see other notes of etiquette at the bottom of this page.

This will be separate from the short ride and will be 35 -50 miles at 16-18+ mph. Participants will decide between themselves where to go and if they want to have a coffee stop. This will start from the Myton pub in Ingleby Barwick at 9:30am each week.

Please Check The Club's Facebook Page On Friday / Saturday For Details of Sunday's Club Runs

Sometimes, we attend charity rides instead or change the starting location, but will always announce the change on this page, Facebook, and Twitter (the home page of our website contains our Twitter feed also) by Saturday night at the very latest.

New riders very welcome on all of our rides, but please remember if you have ridden with us already, we require you to join the club and an organisation (eg British Cycling) that will provide 3rd party insurance cover. On joining, the Club Secretary can provide a code for heavily discounted British Cycling membership for the first year. Rides can be cancelled due to adverse weather so check Twitter or Facebook for updates if there is any doubt on the morning of the ride.

Some important notes:

Everyone is welcome to come along and join in, but after your first ride you are expected to join the club if you wish to continue riding with us, and you must obtain third party insurance cover - this could be obtained by joining British Cycling which would cost around £30 for the year, or get the first year at half price if you join Stockton Wheelers first (thereby effectively making your membership to the club free!). Membership to British Cycling also brings with it discounts at Halfords and priority access to events, amongst other benefits. Please note that under 16s must be accompanied by an adult, please advise the ride leader when you arrive for the ride, of your child's attendance. Please also notify us if you have any medical issues or requirements that you feel we should be aware of.