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TLJ FC Players make Regional & Central State Norcal PDP Squads

Congratulations to the TLJ FC players who have made the Norcal PDP Region 8 and Central State Teams!

The Norcal Elite Player Development Program (PDP) has chosen four TLJ FC players for the first time and several more to return to their program.

For the youngest team available, PDP selected the following players for the first time, 2008 players Gabriel Carillo, Aidan Hendrickson, Samuel Ruiz, & Jayden Tenorio. Returning players are 2007 players Damien Aguilar, Hugo Caneda, & Jonathon Cardozo, 2006 - Jeovany Lugo, and 2005 players that made the Central State Team are Alex Alcala, Julio Garcia, & Fernando Varelas.

“The objective of the Player Development Program is to identify motivated, talented players – with club assistance. Assist clubs in the player development process. Showcase and promote players to US Soccer’s National Teams and Training Centers, Professional Clubs, id2 and College Soccer programs.” The PDP achieves this by, “ providing a professional training and game environment. Specialized training with experienced coaches – PDP staff and International coaches. Games – International trips, National Tournaments, College Showcases and Regional showcases. A homework and evaluation program.”

The program is FREE for all players. Cited from Norcal PDP.

The 2005 players were selected for the Central State PDP team. The Central State Team consists of the best players from multiple regions in Northern California. Julio and Fernanado had the honor of representing TLJ FC and Norcal PDP at a competition this summer in New Jersey against the top players from New York and Virginia. Alex Alcala was unable to attend due to his growing responsibilities with the Mexican National Team Under 15’s where he appears to be graduating into a leadership role in the midfield for El Tri. The left footed phenom is expected to go to Mexico to play the Brazil team in the coming weeks.

These accomplishments are a testament to each players’ dedication and perseverance to achieve excellence in soccer. These accolades highlight the commitment from the players’ families to continually support their player emotionally, physically, and financially for many years leading up to this point. This significant achievement represents a stepping stone for each player to go on and achieve greater things in the game and in their lives like collegiate and professional soccer, and making a positive impact in the lives of their family and community.

Congratulations boys! We are proud of all of you.