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Music I am Listening to ....

Our new feature gives you the chance to listen to Christian songs that various members of our congregation are listening to ... go to the Listen Again page for more details.

 St Nics Radio aims to provide a means to worship together and interact with each other. Hit the play button on the player above to enjoy St Nic's Radio.

During our live shows, send a request for a mention using the form above on the right.


8:00 am - preparing for the Sunday Morning Services. Dave Ross will welcome you to Sunday morning with some great music.

Midweek Shows

Tuesday 6:00 - 7:30pm Sam Champan - a mix of great music

Thursday 8:00pm - 9:30pm - Dave Ross - a themed night - all the songs fit a theme - guess the theme and then you can suggest more songs.

Outside the times above, we play a selection of Worship  songs and Christian Band songs. Including at the top of every hour an episode of 'Music I am Listening to'.

'St Nics Radio and a bacon sarnie. The best way to start your Sunday.'

St Nics Radio has been going for a year and has brought together people with great music and interactive chat both on Sundays and during ther week. Do have a listen ... you are assured of getting a mention!

Christmas Eve Radio Broadcast

 On Christmas Eve 2020, Dave Ross broadcasted from 9am till 9pm. As people relaxed before Christmas, prepared for Christmas, worked or how ever you people spent your Christmas Eve.

Each hour, the show had a different theme relating to the '12 Days of Christmas'. There was lots of lovely messages, song suggestions and support during the whole of the 12 hour show.

The show is also supported the Big Bin Project that, as a church, we support. The Big Bin Project supports people who are seeking asylum and are in the Stockton Area. St Nics has been supporting the Big Bin for over 15 years and in these COVID times, the normal support of food donations has been harder to have happen. So, at St Nics Radio, we would love to help by supporting the project. If you feel able to make a donation to the Big Bin  project- please use the link below to donate to the charity 'Justice First'. 

Justice First works to examine asylum 'cases' and to help people to re-engage with the asylum process if there's been an error in the process of their case. It also gives out humanitarian support - food parcels, small cash payments etc - for those in need. The Big Bin Project regularly gives food parcels to the people who Justice First is working with.

To make a donation follow the link to the donation page of Justice First.

Information on Justice First