2nd Annual Cops Vs. Kids Home Run Derby Results

Tonight was again one of those nights where I see and know exactly how blessed of a man I am. I’m surrounded by greatness, pure love, and the best friends a man can ask for. We hit over 640 home runs, and SOMEHOW the rain went completely around us. We had a five-mile-long parade, Bigfoot on OUR streets, and a community gathering every town should envy. This was simply a beautiful night all around. I’m thankful for every single one of you in my life, I truly mean that. HUGE congrats to Kolt Hopper of The Gators Baseball Academy for winning the kid's side, and Sam Riley of St Ann Police Department for winning the cop's side, this year the kids outhit the cops all around … I’m humbled and I don’t know how to say THANK YOU enough. This is not about anything other than bringing us all together. To Tim Ezell for blessing us, and everyone volunteering, I speak for all of us at Stl Youth Sports Outreach, WE LOVE YOU. Thx ABC Ballpark for allowing us to bless a community, and Game7 baseball and Youth Baseball MidWest, SO FUN.

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