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Extra Tips for Promoting your Shops

Advertise your shop successfully

I have put up a big list of ideas for promoting your store above but I did not write about how or why you should do it because you will never finish reading it. I have summaries everything below to let you know how you should advertise successfully.

There are people that do most of the stuffs listed above but still do not see sales in their store. Have you really do everything correctly?

  • Go through 101 Ways To Optimize Your Online Store.

  • When you see the word, "Tag", add in as much keywords related to your stores/websites/lenses/blog as possible. Most people will just skip the word, "Tag" and even though they register and participate on the site, their profile/products/websites are never being seen. There are lots of websites that allow you to tag your products/websites such as Kaboodle, Squidoo and more.

  • When you have the option to make friends on the site, start making friends and make lots of them.

  • If you can see your friends birthdays on the site, Send them a special graphic wishing them "Happy Birthday" with your stores/blogs/websites/lenses URL on it.

  • Greet all your friends with your special designed graphics on Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Mother Day and whatever events, holidays, occassion that you can think of.

  • When you have the option to blog, make sure that you blog at least once a week.

  • Try a few promotional methods and find the ones that you enjoy doing. Stay focus on a few chosen methods until you see success and hits coming. Do not jump on everything and burn yourself out.

  • Do not spam on guestbooks, comments on blogs and more. We do not like comments such as,"I love your blog, pleeeease visit mine at These comments usually goes to the trash.

  • If your comments on guestbooks and blogs are of praises, honest comments, useful comments, owners of these site will usually publish them. Reader will click on your username to check on you if they find your comments useful or if your username is funny or unique.

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