Got A Story?

  • The Idea: Every pitch should express the basic premise of the story. Describe the newsworthiness of the piece. Think of this as a specific statement about the story you wish to tell.
  • A Reporting Plan: Show you’ve done some homework on the reporting needed to tell the story. Describe interview possibilities (who the main characters are likely to be).
  • The Time Peg: Why do this story now? How does this story energize our faith community?

Tell Us!

St. Charles, North City, North County, West County

  • Topics: Life Issues, Youth and Young Adult, Liturgy and devotions
  • Contact Jennifer Brinker P| 314.792.7505 E|

South City, South County, Mid-County

  • Topics: Sports, Catholic Social Teaching, Catholic Charities federated agencies, Senior Living
  • Contact Joe Kenny P| 314.792.7508 E|

Washington, Festus, Ste. Genevieve

  • Topics: Education administration, Religious vocations, clergy and Seminary
  • Contact Dave Luecking P| 314.792.7518 E|

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"Every authentic experience of truth and goodness seeks by its very nature to grow within us", Joy of the Gospel, Pope Francis