Annual Events

The Anthony B. Ramirez Premio Esperanza (Hope Award) was established by The Hispanic Leaders Group of Greater St. Louis (HLG) in 2003 under the initiative of Anthony B. Ramirez. Initially named Premio Esperanza, its name was change in 2010 in honor of Anthony B. Ramirez, founder of HLG and creator of the award. The purpose of the award is to acknowledge those that have contributed significantly to the Hispanic community in such fields as business, community service (health, social welfare, and housing), culture and the arts, education, human rights, and public office. The award is presented once a year recognizing the service provided by the awardees for a few years and it is given during a special event. View the video of the 2015 Hope Award event at

Civic Awareness: HLG started extending invitations to elected officials in the St. Louis region (Missouri and Illinois) to attend the annual Civic Awareness event. The emphasis of the event is to represent the Hispanic community to local and state lawmakers so that the Hispanic voice as a community is heard. Issues that concern are addressed in the special function with the goal of educating all participants and making a difference for the betterment of the community.

Hispanic Day at Jefferson City: This event was started in 2002 under the initiative of HLG. Representatives from around the State spend a day meeting with elected officials and heads of agencies and departments, gather information and take it back to their communities. The event educates participants on the process of government and the best way to approach agencies for the assistance which can be rendered to the Hispanic Community. The day allows Hispanics to meet, to discuss with, to educate, and to influence the makers of the laws, and the administrators of the laws, and more importantly to let them know that the Hispanic community is here to be heard. The event has always been supported by HLG and continues to do so partnering with Hispanic Capitol Day, Inc.