Websites and Databases

We would like to introduce you some useful websites and databases on this site. Many regional and global organizations have been long devoted to agricultural issues. All of them have outstanding results and it's open to everyone. The resource is just there on the internet, we encourage you to make good use of them. Don't know how to start? No worries, we already give you the database link below, come and have a check.

Food and Agricultural Organization of United Nations (FAO)

"Create A Zero Hunger World"

The biggest and the most famous agriculture organization in the world. It is a specialize agency of the United Nations that leads international efforts to fight against hunger. The main goal of the organization is to reach food security for all and make sure people have the ability to fight against hunger and rural poverty.

FAO has one of the world biggest agriculture data base and agriculture technical document library, we suggest you here as your first priority if you want to get any technical help. You could check the publications here: The database has keyword searching function, just type in the keyword and you'll find the documents you need.

And for stastics, FAOSTAT provides free access to food and agriculture data for over 245 countries and territories and covers all FAO regional groupings from 1961 to the most recent year available. You could check the data here:

Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI)

"Improving Lives through Agricultural Research"

CARDI is a regional organization has been steadfast in providing sterling contributions to the growth and development of the agricultural sector of Member Countries of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). The vision of the institiute is to make good application of the research for development in agriculture that contributes to the creation of wealth and the competitiveness of the region.

CARDI publishes a wide range of documents to inform, educate and instruct. Please check the publication here:

Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA)

A regional organization focus on encouraging, promoting and supporting the Member States in their efforts to achieve agricultural development and rural well-being through international technical cooperation.

The organization wish to create a competitive, inclusive and sustainable inter-American agriculture that feeds the region and the world, while the same time generating opportunities to reduce hunger and poverty among farmers and rural dwellers.

Take a look in their library system to find more useful data:

World Vegetable Center

"Healthier lives and more resilient livelihoods through greater diversity in what we grow and eat."

World vegetable center is a research center located in Tainan, Taiwan, which has been long devoted to conducts research, builds networks, and carries out training and promotion activities to raise awareness of the role of vegetables for improved health and global poverty alleviation.

Vegetables can alleviate poverty by creating new jobs and new sources of income for farmers and landless laborers, improve health by providing essential micro-nutrients lacking in diets, enhance learning and working capacities of adults and children through improved diets and health, and improve the sustainability of food production practices by diversifying cropping systems. The Center’s research and development work focuses on breeding improved vegetable lines, developing and promoting safe production practices, reducing post-harvest losses, and improving the nutritional value of vegetables.

The resources of the center are collected here, including publications, databases and videos:

International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-arid Tropics (ICRISAT)

"We believe all people have a right to nutritious food and a better livelihood."

Over 2 billion people lives on the drylands in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, which covers 55 countries. This region is very vulnerable to climate change due to very limited rainfall, degraded soils and poor social infrastruction. ICRISAT is an international organization focus on helping poor communities in this area by fighting hunger and poverty, reducing malnutrition and revitalizing the environment. They specialized on dryland crops such as dryland cerials (sorghum and millets) and grain legumes (chickpea, pigeonpea and peanut). By analyzing the key problems and the oppoturnities, the organization improves farmers' livelihood with to main solutions based on the value chain: building agribuiness and sustainable on-farm intensification.

Explore more about their research in here:

International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)

“The lead research partner facilitating agricultural solutions to overcome hunger and poverty in the tropics.”

IITA’s mission is to assure food security for some of the world’s poorest people and provide them with viable strategies that create real, long-term results for economic development and community stability, while building an ecologically sound future that takes into account the issues of climate change. IITA dedicated to alleviating these problems and working to transform agriculture in Africa. IITA is especially famous for its research on tropical crops and small holder farmers, both of them are very common around Caribbean region. The strageties the organization applied is very useful and could be used as good reference.

IITA database:

World Farmers' Organization (WFO)

World farmers' organization is a international organization made by farmers for farmers, it brings together national farmers' organizations and agricultural cooperatives all over the world. WFO's main goal is to unite the food producers, enhancing their revelence as economic, socia and environmental actors and let the farmers' voice be heard through the farmers from the world's stage on the most revelent issues affecting farmers around the world.

The organization focus on farming issues which includes: climate change, food security, value chain, trade, contract farming and women in agriculture. By stregthen the link between different departments and alliance agencies, draft policy documents and advocate the adoption of policies, WFO wish to give world wide farmers a better livilhood.

Check their publication here:

Regional Weather Database

Caribbean Regional Climate Center(RCC) is a branch of WMO in Caribbean region, it builds upon the rich history of the Applied Meteorology and Climatology Section (AMCS) at the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH) in the development and delivery of critical climate services and products to the Caribbean region. Over the years, AMCS has developed a strong research and development programme in the area of climate variability which, although it has a significant impact on the sustainable development of many islands of the Caribbean, is under-appreciated relative to long-term climate change.

The other important mission of the center is to improve the range of climate related products and services that will be available at the proper spatio-temperal scales, to decision makers for effective decision-making in Caribbean. Their final goal is to support the sustainable development of Caribbean region.

In here, you could find many useful databases, including Caribbean Climate database, Climete Impacts database and Monthly Weather summaries. All of them are very useful when you want to have a look into the weather in Caribbean region. The goal of the Caribbean RCC is to support the region’s socio-economic development by generating suites of user defined climate products and services to inform risk-based decision-making in climate sensitive sectors at the national and regional levels across the Caribbean.