Mobile Phone APPs

APPs, Farmer’s New Helper

Agriculture professionals are working smarter, not harder. Smart farming technologies have enabled us to reduce cost, maximize yields and profits, and keep us in high efficiency at the same time.

Smart farming with mobile app is a tide around the world, from scouting fields, managing agronomic data, identifying pest and fertilizing suggestions, all the needs could be done with suitable apps.

To meet this growing demand, developers continue to launch apps that are useful, friendly and simple to use. “A mobile app must be intuitive and easy to use, or it will not be used,” says Doug Applegate, CEO and the owner of Praxidyn, an agricultural technology company, “We expect to be able to use an app with little or no training.”

Since the mobile apps are numerous and you might have a hard time to start, we prepared a list of handful apps for you to have a look first, they're all free to download and easy to use. And please remember, there are much more apps are in the app store waiting for you to discover.

Pacific Pests and Pathogens

Since Caribbean haven’t gotten any regional pest identifying apps, we would like to introduce you this app as a substitute since many pests and diseases are global problems.

This app gives extension staff and farmers all the information they need to treat the crop instantly. If there is no way of saving a crop, the steps should help to prevent the problem occurring in the future.

Solanaceae Fruit Field Guide

A field guide to assist farmers, extension officers and farm advisers to identify insect or mite pests, beneficial organisms, diseases and disorders in Solanaceae family plants such as tomatoes, capsicums, chillies and eggplants.

It is intended to be a tool for integrated pest management (IPM).

Sweet Potato Diagnotes

This app is an interactive tool for researchers, farmers and extension workers to identify the field problem of sweet potato. It shows how to diagnose crop symptoms and what management practice could be used to deal with the diseases.

Most importantly, the database contains Caribbean region, which would be useful for you to use in your own field.

Farm Calculators

This calculator could help you with many kinds of calculations, including fertilizers, pestcides and seeds required. By calculating the exact quantity requirements of the things we mentioned above, it could help farmers to save money and increase the sustainability in farming.

Plant physiology

For people who are interested in the science mechanism of crop growth, regulation, development and reproduction, this is a good app to give you a view.

Please be noticed it contains more academic information rather than practical field management measures. People who major in crop science is more recommended to use this app.