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The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) is a grouping of twenty countries: fifteen Member States and five Associate Members, it's a regional association devotes to the develop of Caribbean countries. Since agriculture is the major economic sector in the Caribbean, CARICOM continues to provide assisitance by: generate significant income; facilitate food supply and food and nutrition sovereignty; contribute to physical and infrastructural development; and reduce poverty and hunger. You could find their recent events and strageities in this website and have a better understanding about the regional agriculture development.

Ag Update

One of the most popular agricultural news website. Contains all kinds of agricultural issues including international agricultural market price, national agricultural policies, new technologies, machinery, agricultural weather forecast, disease threats, farming techniques and etc. It's a good site to see what's new in agriculture sector.

Science Daily

Science Daily provide latest research news for all kinds of knowledge, including agriculture and food news. This website is very useful for academic staffs and researchers, each article could give you a quick view into the reference it cites. The reference link is also provided so you could get access to the article directly.