What is this mission?

St Joseph's parish will have the joy and privilege to host 9 young missionaries this June between the Saturday of Pentecost weekend (June 8) and Blessed Trinity Sunday (June 16). These young people, who are single and between 18 and 30, have given a year of their life to grow in their faith and learn to be missionary disciples as students at the Emmanuel School of Mission in New York City (ESM), responding to the invitation that Pope Francis extended to all of the faithful and "be actively engaged in evangelization" (Evangelii Gaudium). Together with the students and staff of the ESM, we will live 9 days of events to encounter Christ and grow in our faith. Please pray for this mission, that St Joseph's parish may be renewed through this mission.

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Flyers for mission at a glance

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Meet the ESM Missionaries

Fr. Charles Rochas, ESM director

Past news

Fr. Paul Glennon, ESM chaplain

Isabel, Manager of missions and services

Mission Events

Daily service opportunities with the ESM Missionaries:

Homebound visits, hospital visits, elderly visits at nursing homes

Mission Prayer

Holy Father, God of love and mercy, You have surrendered everything for love of us. May we learn to surrender everything for love of You.

Fill us with Your Holy Spirit that we may do Your will and not our own. Help us to love You above all things and to love Your people the way You have commanded us.

Quiet our minds and hearts that we may be open to the gift of Your truth, and grant that our Parish Mission at St. Joseph’s in June 2019 may be:

a time of Grace for all,

a time of growth for the young,

a time of refreshment for the old,

a time of renewal for families,

a time of healing for the broken,

a time of joy for the sorrowing,

a time of challenge for the complacent,

a time of forgiveness for the sinner,

a time of strength for the holy.

Through Christ our Lord, in the unity of the Holy Spirit.


Oración para la misión parroquial

Dios Padre de amor y de misericordia. Has entregado todo por amor a nosotros. Haz que aprendamos a entregar todo por amor a ti.

Llénanos con tu Espíritu Santo que podamos hacer tu voluntad y no la nuestra. Ayúdanos a amarte sobre todos y amar a tu gente como nos amas.

Tranquiliza nuestra mente y corazón para que estemos abiertos al don de tu verdad, y concede que nuestra Misión Parroquial nos sirva como:

un tiempo de gracia para todos,

un tiempo de crecimiento para los jóvenes,

un tiempo de renacimiento para los ancianos,

un tiempo de renovación para las familias,

un tiempo de sanación para los quebrantados,

un tiempo de gozo para los afligidos,

un tiempo de desafío para los complacientes,

un tiempo de perdón para los pecadores,

un tiempo de santidad para los justos.

Por nuestro Señor Jesucristo, en la unidad del Espíritu Santo, un solo Dios, por los siglos de los siglos.