St Joseph’s Catholic School has a beautiful, modern and flexible learning environment in which children are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and manage their time effectively in order to reach their goals. Students attend individual or group workshops depending on their learning needs and goals.

Our school philosophy relating to teaching and learning programmes means…

 All students can learn provided they are motivated and receive appropriate help, guidance and encouragement as required.

 All staff create a moral climate that promotes honesty, integrity and respect

 The learning environment recognises effort, enthusiasm and commitment by the learner

 A wide range of learning experiences will be provided based on each of the curriculum learning areas (including Religious Education) and developing key competencies








School grounds open

Classes commence

Morning Tea

Lunch Time

School ends

School grounds close

St Joseph’s Catholic School has served the local parish of Matamata over many years and has close links with the Holy Angels Catholic Church which is situated just over the road. We celebrate mass once every 2-3 weeks on weekdays throughout the term and on a Sunday once per term. Children are involved in various roles within these masses.

The roll currently includes a cultural mix of Maori, Chinese, Indian and Filipino. Parents, whānau and the wider community have a close partnership with the school, and this contributes to students’ enjoyment of their life in the school.