Singing At St. John's

Who We Are...

Adjacent to Woodward Academy, St. John’s Episcopal Church is located in picturesque Historic College Park.

Our congregation is a diverse community celebrating the differences among us and among our neighbors, region, and world. Though over a century old, our parish strives to be relevant, engaging, and authentic in our use of faith, reason, and scripture to discern God’s will and the work we are asked to do as followers of Jesus Christ.

St. John’s is a part of the Episcopal Diocese Of Atlanta, and through it, the millions of followers who form the world-wide Anglican Communion. Our global church is large and rich in history, theology, and customs shared across nations, languages, and centuries.

Our worship is based in an historic “liturgical” tradition that finds its roots in the early church. Our music is an array of styles old and new that seek to involve, include, and represent the best of our shared experience and cultural heritage. From chant and latin mass settings, to spirituals, gospel, and contemporary styles, music’s common theme among the St. John’s community is a commitment to artistic excellence.

Our Choral Scholars program is an outreach effort to undergraduate and graduate students studying music at area universities. Scholars lead and support their respective parts in choral singing as well as present solo and small-ensemble works at our worship services from September through May.

What You'll Do...

Choral Scholar activities include . . .

  • Leading your section (soprano, alto, tenor, or bass).
  • Singing solo or small-ensemble music with your fellow Choral Scholars or with volunteer musicians.
  • Chanting psalms and canticles at various times throughout the nine-month choir term.
  • Supporting volunteer singers as we learn and perform music together.
  • Leading sectional rehearsals (as needed).
  • Singing at special services outside of Sunday worship (extra compensation at Christmas).
  • Participating once per week in our rehearsals and worship (it all happens on Sundays from morning until early afternoon).

Compensation and benefits include . . .

  • A term stipend of $2700 paid in equal monthly payments of $300.
  • Two weeks off with pay (the Sundays after Christmas and Easter).
  • Four weeks of paid earned time off (ETO) managed between you and the Music Director.
  • Opportunities to earn honoraria for singing at private services, such as weddings, baptisms, and funerals.

Transportation . . .

  • MARTA-friendly location (10-minute walk from the College Park rail station)
  • Easy access from I-85 (Virginia Ave exit)
  • Audition as a group and carpool together!
  • Once a week commitment on Sunday—NO TRAFFIC!

How You'll Grow...

Dear Candidate —

We are thrilled that you are considering singing with us and I invite you to submit an application!

The Choral Scholars Program has been part of our music-making here at St. John’s for nearly a decade and I urge you to consider joining the ranks of singers, who, like yourself, are willing to share their talents, time, and musical interests with our congregation and volunteer singers.

My goal is not only to provide our congregation with wonderful opportunities to hear and participate in a vibrant experience of music, but also to encourage you to develop and express your own musical talents and interests. The creators of the Choral Scholars program seek both to assist you as you navigate the financial dynamics of college study and to give you a “safe and appreciative space” for gaining experience and confidence as a professional singer.

Together, we can work toward goals you would like to set out for learning useful solo and small-ensemble repertoire as well as experiencing working with volunteers.

Music-making is an intensely social activity full of sharing and I know that our people look forward to your presence with us in that endeavor.

It all starts with you! Please give it a try and contact me today for an information session and user-friendly private audition.



Thomas Elston

Organist-Choirmaster & Director Of Music

St. John’s Episcopal Church

How To Apply...

To apply for a Choral Scholar position, follow these steps:

  • Prepare a short piece or excerpt to sing. Remember to bring an extra score for piano accompaniment.
  • Prepare an informal description of your musical experience.
  • Schedule an appointment with Tom Elston (470.203.0395 or

In addition to your prepared piece, review of your experience, and a general information session with Tom about the church and its music program, your appointment will include vocalization at the piano to test your range and some basic sight-reading . Please expect to spend about an hour.

Current Openings For Permanent Choral Scholars (3):

  • Soprano
  • Mezzo Soprano or Alto
  • Baritone (Bass I or Tenor II)

Interim Singers (3):

Until our permanent Choral Scholar positions are filled by qualified student musicians, we offer interim-singer positions for qualified singers of any age and educational status. Engagements are scheduled "by week" starting on September 8th at a rate of $75:

  • Pre-service rehearsal (call at 9:00 a.m.)
  • Service (10:00 a.m. until 11:30 a.m.)
  • Break (15- or 45-minute break for Coffee Hour or free Second-Sunday Brunch)
  • After-service Rehearsal (typically ends at 1:30 p.m.)

Auditions are typically waived for interim singers based upon their experience.

St Johns Choral Scholars Program Brochure.pdf

St. John's Choral Scholar Program


Click the image to display a PDF file brochure.

Email Tom Elston at if you experience trouble viewing the brochure.


St. John's Episcopal Church, 3480 E. Main St., College Park, GA 30337