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Design Concepts To Suggest To Your Deck And Patio Builder

Decks and patios are meant to enhance functionality and aesthetics for your home. They may be large and imposing in nature, small and petite, or something in between.

The Common Design Concepts

Whether your fantasy is for decks or patios that reflect your traditional or conservative inclination, or is themed far into the future, there are a wide variety of design concepts that your deck and patio builder can bring to life for you. The common ones include:

The Sunny Retreat Concept

This design concept is aimed at mimicking a sunny retreat that seems to be far from home. It was born out of the usual desire of most people especially in temperate countries to engage in sunbathing and improve the circulation of blood and the relaxation of the nerves. Decks and patios provide a ready protection from the possibility of suffering sunburns when basking in the sun.

When your deck and patio builder successfully creates a place protected from the UV rays of the sun, you will save the funds you would have expended on sunbathing trips.

Covering can be by umbrellas placed over lounge chairs, or even as simply as providing a canopy over a dining table. If the space is adequate, a pergola with draped fabric can be used to make the deck or patio comfortable.

The Urban Pub Setting

You can have your favorite outdoor city setting created right within the confines of your home. The magical effect can be achieved by combining with suitable furniture. These should be the regular plastic or wrought iron chairs and bistro table that you find in your favorite pub.

You may find your deck or patio very comfortable for working on your mobile electronic devices, reading your newspapers, sipping some coffee or your favorite alcoholic beverage, etc.

You can invest in collapsible loungers and tables, and could even have an option with colorful throw pillows. You can also introduce a bar, barbecue stand, etc.

The Boardroom At Home

Unavoidable meetings with employees and business associates can be held right there at home in a well-designed deck or patio. Boardroom furniture including the usual long, high-quality tables and the business-like chairs will create the required business-like environment that will satisfy your corporate inclinations. You can further explore your creativity by adding projector screens for presentations. This design will however require that you have considerable space at your disposal.

The Therapy Place

Yes, you can have a deck or patio that affords you the therapy that you would have sought for in spas and saunas. You can add yoga mats or masseuse beds to create the much needed recluse from the mill and grind of modern living.

Combined with Oriental furniture, fireplace, pool, or exotic garden, this will actually be a magical place for total healing.

The Dining Room

This will simply involve dining tables and chairs. It will make for a comfortable place for great family mealtimes.

Additionally, you can come with design concepts that are a combination any of the above as it suits your fancy.


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