Stillness Facilitators 2019

Stillness is a bi-monthly spiritual practice circle for the spectrum of trans, qpoc, womxn, cis women and gender non-conforming femmes of color.

Where: At Shambhala Chicago, 37 N. Carpenter st

Space is accessible. A ramp from both the north and south sides up to the entrance. Bathrooms are wheelchair accessible.

When: 7-9pm

$20 suggested donation

No one turned away. Love offerings also accepted i.e. tea, tea lights, drawings, crafts, anything from the heart.

Bring Your Journal


Sojourner Zenobia (she/her/hers, they/them/theirs)

April 8th, May 13th, June 10th, July 8th, August 12th, September 9th, October 14th, November 11th

2nd Monday Description:

The 2nd Monday of the month focuses on the practice of contemplation and meditation. We begin by contemplating spiritual, fiction or poetic texts that inspire transformation and self reflection. Then we practice integrating wisdom through authentic movement, sitting and walking meditation and visualization.


Sojourner Zenobia, pro-nouns she/hers and they/theirs is a storyteller, performance artist, meditation and ritual space holder. Their performance work is informed by connecting with ancestors and nature energies and is an invitation to Black, Brown and Indigenous bodies to engage a personal connection to feminine principles as innate, evolutionary, medicinal embodiments. Sojourner began practicing samatha (single pointed meditation), in 2004 at Naropa University. They practiced vipassana (insight meditation), in the Theravadan Buddhist tradition, at Amaravati Monastery in England. Sojourner began studying energy work at Life Force Arts Center in Chicago in 2011. At Life Force, they began to strengthen their relationships with nature, ancestors and other spirit guides. Since 2012 Sojourner has been guiding a meditation for femmes of color called “Stillness.” In 2014 they became a peace circle facilitator with Circles and Ciphers, and began to weave restorative justice practices into their work. In 2018 they began an initiative to revive community grieving circles with a collective of women and femmes who, together, unite ancient cross-cultural healing practices of storytelling, song, chinese medicine and deep rest to integrate grief as a natural and necessary season of life. Sojourner has a unique and creative toolbox they use to craft specialized meditations and they are versatile and spontaneous in the way that they guide.


This year, the 4th Monday of every month will be facilitated by Chicago's queer femme healers and creative space holders! We are a beautiful constantly evolving community and I am excited to open Stillness up this year for the purpose of our evolution!


CHETNA MEHTA, (she/her/hers)

Workshop Description:

This workshop will leverage delicious tools in mindfulness, meditation and expressive arts to practice creating, soothing, and healing ourselves and one another with the power of our hands.


Chetna Mehta is a folk mixed media artist and mystic, wellness consultant, and creator of mosaiceye, a platform with a mission to promote self-realization, empowerment and awareness of our interconnection with one another and the planet through art, education and community circle.


KIAM JUNIO, (they/them/theirs)

Workshop Description:

Positive and Negative, light and dark, on and off, tragedy and comedy, rise and fall, inhale and exhale. Duality is fundamental, built in to our experience of life.

When we resist this flow, this dance between degrees, we often find ourselves in friction or pain. Through deep awareness and centered intention we find, wield, and liberate our power.

Join Stillness this April as we explore the fields between polarities through open discussions, guided meditation, breathwork and movement.


Kiam Marcelo Junio is a holistic healer and interdisciplinary artist creating work across media through dance and performance, video, installation, photography, and writing. Their research and art work center around queering identities, Philippine history and the Filipino diaspora, creation myths and herstories, and personal and collective healing through collaborative practices and individual self-work. Kiam served seven years in the US Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. Their work has been exhibited, screened, and performed in New York City, Mexico City, Cadiz, and Montreal, and throughout Chicago at Boyfriends, Roots & Culture, Defibrillator, Links Hall, Museum of Contemporary Art, Hyde Park Art Center, the Bijou Theater, and the Field Museum. They were born in the Philippines, and have lived in the U.S., Japan, and Spain.


AMINA ROSS (they/them/theirs)

Workshop Description: TBA


An undisciplined creator. Amina Ross creates boundary-crossing works that embrace embodiment, imaging technologies, intimacy and collectivity in physical and digital spaces. Amina has exhibited work, spoken on panels and taught workshops at venues throughout the United States. Amina's intention within a media-centering practice is to engage sensuality and sense-perception as modes of reclaiming the body. Amina is currently a 2018-2019 Artist-in-Residence at Arts & Public Life and the Center for the Study of Race, Politics,and Culture at the University of Chicago.

As an educator Amina is currently an adjunct lecturer in the Contemporary Practices department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Co-lead artist of Teen Creative Agency at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

As a curator and cultural organizer Amina is curator of ECLIPSING, a multi-media festival celebrating darkness.


PEREGRINE TULAY (she/her/hers, they/them/theirs)

Workshop Description:

In this ritual, we honor the spectrum of our nature, the seemingly absurd, the self-contradictory. We will integrate tools such as mindfulness meditation, contemplative movement, silliness, and writing to re-imagine paradoxes as spaces to expand into our full selves. Bring a journal:)


Peregrine is a creative of many disciplines. Their artistic practice oscillates between traditional and contemporary plastic arts to explore acts of remembering. This work is grounded in the personal and emotional, as well as the metaphysical and spiritual. It is greatly influenced by their experience and ongoing studies in energy healing, physiology, history, and the teachings of plants. Peregrine is a certified yoga instructor and Usui Reiki practitioner. She facilitates sessions in public and private space, centering queer, nonbinary, and trans people of color and survivors of sexual violence.


CORIAMA COUTURE (she/her/hers)

Workshop Description: Erotic Community


Coriama is an artist, activator, and aesthetic consultant whose practice explores the ABCS (art, beauty, culture, and sexuality). As a sensualist, Coriama utilizes modalities that heavily focus on spirituality and eroticism to practically explore sexuality as a healing art. They're also the founder of SK STUDIOS, LLC, a sex-positive multimedia sanctuary that activates erotic arts and culture.


JADE PERRY (she/her/hers)

Workshop Description:

ALLOW: Using Intuitive Art to Create Wellness Rituals

Description: How might intuition, imagery, and storytelling lead us to deeper truths about ourselves? How might these truths impact the ways that we care for ourself & our community? How might it impact the rituals that we create for ourselves or share with others? This experiential workshop explores these themes through mediums such as collaging, light movement, performance art & storytelling.


Jade T. Perry is a writer, speaker, student affairs / higher education professional in the area of multicultural student affairs, and co-founder of the nonprofit organization Mystic Soul. She received a B.A. in Integrative Arts (concentrations in Theater, Communication Arts, & Writing) and an M. Ed in College Student Affairs. Jade regularly contributes to a variety of online platforms on topics such as culture, spirituality, holistic wellness, womanism, entertainment, career, and more.

Her mission is to offer information, ideas, & counter-cultural narratives that will empower readers to thrive and to lovingly & creatively challenge secular and sacred systems toward greater levels of inclusion! And as Maya Angelou said, she strives to do all of these things “with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”. Connect with her online at, on Facebook @JadeTPerry1, or on Twitter @Jade_T_P.


AIROS SUNG-EN MEDILL (they/them/theirs)

Workshop Description:

Breathfully Embodying Ancestral Homes

In this workshop participants will be lead through imaginative embodiment and breath work to return to nature, with the belief that our bodies are our homes and a compilation of our ancestors. Creating space where we can deeply listen and relax into the healing the earth holds for us.


Airos Sung-En Medill(they/them/theirs) works as a teaching artist, theatre director, and Equity Diversity and Inclusion facilitator. Airos works to make space for QTPOC//TGNC folks, centering them in the stories they tell; moving bodies in space as a means to heal. For folks of all ages to learn with curiosity and joy, infusing spaces with breath, embodiment and imagination. They are currently a company member at For Youth Inquiry(FYI) as well as the squad leader of new work, a teaching artist with Steppenwolf and is studying to become a bodyworker at Zen Shiatsu.


ZAHRA GLENDA BAKER (she/her/hers)

Workshop Description: TBA


Zahra Glenda Baker, she/her, is a performing artist recognized for her work as a folk and jazz vocalist, dramatic actor and an engaging storyteller. Her performance history includes storytelling duo “In the Spirit”; jazz vocal improvisations with David Boykin’s Outet; founding member of jazz and storytelling ensemble "Classic Black" ; vocals and percussion for "Shanta Nurullah’s Sitarsys" and bandleader for inspirational vocal ensemble "Freedom Song Leaders ". She has performed at venues such as Constellations, DuSable Museum, The Chicago Humanities Festival, The Old Town School of Folk Music Field, Ravinia Music Festival, The Chicago Jazz Festival, The National Association of Black Storytellers Conference and Festivals in Philadelphia, Atlanta, New Orleans and Minneapolis, Jonesborough National Storytelling Festival, Rhode Island Black Storytelling Festival and countless venues for the past 30 years.