Google Business Profile Ranking System

Presentation to the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys - The importance of your Google Business Profile and how to use Google properties to rank on the first page of Google

(Advanced Strategy that will trump your competition at 24 min 30 sec.)

Case Study - DUI Lawyer Joey Franks

I've pushed Attorney Franks' Google Business Profile to the page one three-pack for many different keywords over the years. However, recently we had to get into the dashboard of his website and discovered his website company had locked him out and had not done anything with the site since they first developed it in 2017. Since Attorney Franks was paying this company over $1000 a month, he wasn't happy.

I rebuilt his website to 2021 standards and will maintain and write multiple blog posts each month for way less than $1000+. What's more, I will build Google Stacks to those blog posts using all the Google properties like Google Sites, Google Docs, YouTube, etc., which will move his website up in the rankings for the main criminal defense keywords and numerous buyer intent keywords.

So how much are you paying your SEO agency, and what do you get in return? I'm here to help. Call me at 402-522-6379.

Steve Sleeper

"Google is getting greedy - They don't want to send people to your website." Shawn Joshi

"Google My Business is the lifeblood of most local organizations that want to be found online." Search Engine Land

"Google My Business optimization, not website optimization, is considered the most valuable local marketing service in 2020." Search Engine Journal