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Fresh Idea - The Google Business Profile post section has value, as it adds conversion information when consumers want to learn about you. Consumers reading your GBP posts are actively investigating you and are not passive. However, posts appear on the profile for a week and are relegated to a “previous updates” section, making them less visible. Hence, posting each week is paramount. Furthermore, it demonstrates activity, which boosts your GBP’s relevancy in the search engine’s formula. Also, the post’s content (such as highlighting a little-known service) creates a conversion point that lures the prospect deeper into the sales funnel.

The key is that the posts must be 250 words of good, keyword-optimized informative content, not a sales pitch. Remember, the purpose of Google is to answer a question. In addition to writing informative posts for you, I also create a video using the post content. Then I geo-optimize it, upload it to the photos section of your GBP, and include it in the post. While weekly posting is sufficient, we can post daily and post to your Facebook page to create more engagement.

Fresh Idea - Use a business card to ask for reviews. Your client scans the QR and it take them right to the sport to leave the review

Fresh Idea - Let me interview you on my "Ask a Lawyer" podcast. It's another source of content you can embed on your website and link on your Google Business Profile. if you like, I'll transcribe and edit it so it can be used as blog and Google Business Profile Posts

Fresh Idea - Google Street View. It's an app that will turn your smartphone into a 360-degree camera. Google wants you to upload a 360 video of your office, and I never see an attorney do this. It's another great signal to Google and give you an advantage.

Highlights of a Webinar on How to Profit with the New Google "Helpful Content" Algorithm

  • Overview of the new Google "Helpful Content" Algorithm and how to take advantage of it

  • Critique of a website and changes they need to make

  • The importance of weekly website blog posts

  • How weekly Google Business Profile (GBP) posts help you rank better

  • Cross Linking YouTube videos and GBP posts for better rankings

  • Post topics (DUI Lawyers. Email me for a list of PI topics)

  • Ninja tip to get more GBP reviews and why that's important

  • Ninja tip for your website snippets

  • The importance of Yelp

  • Free stuff