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Fresh Idea - The Google Business Profile post section has value, as it adds conversion information when consumers want to learn about you. Consumers reading your GBP posts are actively investigating you and are not passive. However, posts appear on the profile for a week and are relegated to a “previous updates” section, making them less visible. Hence, posting each week is paramount. Furthermore, it demonstrates activity, which boosts your GBP’s relevancy in the search engine’s formula. Also, the post’s content creates a conversion point that lures the prospect deeper into the sales funnel.

Fresh Idea - Use a business card to ask for reviews. Your client scans the QR and it take them right to the sport to leave the review

Fresh Idea - Respond to all your Google Business Profile reviews. For the good reviews, thank the client and let them know you appreciate them. If you have one star reviews, respond to them as well. Many times I've found it's spam and the reviewer was never a client. Often times with criminal defense attorneys, it's simply "sour grapes." So for example, tell them you're sorry they feel that way and then tell you side of the story. Google likes it when you respond to your reviews and it can provide more ranking juice. Pro Tip - Use chatGPT to write the responses. Call me for the prompt.

Fresh Idea - The Google Business Profile Ranking System. I’ve had success moving Google Business Profiles to the page one three-pack with three processes - daily searches and clicks and weekly posts and videos linked to each other. 

Case Studies:

And while no one can guarantee results The Google Profile Ranking System is the least expensive way to move to the first page of Google. 

Fresh Idea - Record Case Study Videos on your phone. They can be uploaded to YouTube and your Facebook page. They can also be repurposed into blog post on your website. I've found the videos and the blog posts get a lot views and clicks which translates into new clients. Pro Tip - Use chatGPT to write the script. Call me for the prompt.

Fresh Idea - Create a YouTube entertainment channel and regularly comment on cases in the news. It's great exposure for your firm and can be a nice source of revenue. Listen to this episode of the "Video Marketing Madness" podcast, where my business partner Ray and I discuss what to do and how to get monetized. Call me if you want an outline of the strategy with sample videos.

Fresh Idea - Google Street View. It's an app that will turn your smartphone into a 360-degree camera. Google wants you to upload a 360 video of your office, and I never see an attorney do this. It's another great signal to Google and give you an advantage.

Fresh Idea - AI - ChatGPT is a relatively new software that uses AI to write anything you want based on prompts. With Internet marketing, it's Blogs, Google Business Profiles, and Facebook posts. Weekly Blog and GBP posts help your website and GBP rank better. Daily Facebook posts develop relationships and keep you in front of clients. The caveat is this content needs to be fact and plagiarized checked, and there's software for that. 

Fresh Idea - Run TV ads locally on Hulu. It's the #1 multi-channel streaming service and probably has great penetration in your city. Also, it's not expensive. (Think Cable TV years ago.) Make them image/top-of-mind ads and tell viewers what you do and how you can help them. For instance, if they ever get a DUI, they think of you first. The link to buy ads is Make sure you place enough ongoing ads to be top-of-mind.  

Fresh Idea - Your website identity and snippet can be the difference page one placement. The headline (identity) needs to be your primary keyword set and brand (company name). Tell your potential client how you can help them and include a keyword set or two.  Always include your phone numbers. Folks many times will call from the snippet alone, skipping your website. Finally, never overload the snippet so it ends with three dots.

Issues I've noticed - I look at many criminal defense lawyer websites. Here are typical errors: 

Fresh Idea - Start a podcast. I'm happy to consult on the start-up for no charge. It can be a short list of equipment, and I'll walk you through what to do and how to get on all the podcatchers like Apple Podcasts. Then use it as a way to network in your community by doing interviews with everyone in the Rotary Club - for instance. If you need help with production, I offer editing and production services, you you can use Fiverr. 

Fresh Idea - Fully optimize your Yelp listing and update it regularly. Alexa and iPhone default to it on searches.

Fresh Idea - Make a monthly YouTube video of your 5-star Google Business Profile reviews. They are great for branding and backlinks to your website and GBP. Furthermore, they show up when people Google your firm name. They are simple to produce. Copy and paste the review into AI video software and pick a voice to narrate it.

Fresh Idea - Curate Social Content regularly and post daily. I've noticed most DUI defense lawyers have a Facebook page. It's a free way to be more visible and communicate. However, the conventional wisdom is you need to post once a day to be effective. Gathering content regularly and scheduling the posts in Facebook makes that task manageable. Here's an article on 5 Places to Find New Content to Post on Your Facebook Page. It contains some excellent sources and great advice.

Fresh Idea - use chatGPT to write your Facebook Page posts. Call me for the prompt.

Fresh Idea - Use chatGPT to write a book. it's a great way to increase credability and make your firm more visible. It's a series of prompts. Call me for them.

Fresh Idea - Don't put up with crap from your SEO agency. If you like them, great, but I've had a number of attorneys who were not happy and asked for help. We then discovered their agency had locked them out of their website. I was able to build a new website using their old site, and it wasn't expensive.

Need to Add a Google Business Profile?  - Listen to my interview with DUI Attorney Joey Franks in Jackson MS on how he opened a new profile for Big Man Law. Click on my face :)

Fresh Idea - Listen to the Video Marketing Madness podcast. Ray the Video Guy and I have co-hosted it for ten years! Regularly, we share great ideas about online video marketing using YouTube and Facebook. We also cover other topics, including social media strategies and the latest technology to help your marketing. Listen here, or find it wherever you listen to podcasts.

Tons of Fresh Ideas - Here's a webinar I did for the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys - "Getting New DUI Clients Using Google's New 'Helpful Content' Algorithm"

OK -It's not a fresh idea. But if you need someone to place Google Ads for you, call me at 402-522-6379. We do a lot of it and work on a small monthly commission.