Faerie Wings & Demon Things

Kara lives in the small town of Marrowlight. One night, as Kara is sleeping, a small set of crimson eyes appears in the darkness of the forest that borders the town. The eyes don't wander the rooves, or look down the cobblestone streets, but instantly fixate on the little open window that leads straight into Kara's room.

The Gardener

Judith watches as a man with an axe sweats away in her front yard until she can't handle it anymore.

Matters of the Heart

For six years Kathy has been caring for her dying mother, but yesterday that all changed. Yesterday they found her a new heart.

The Jackdaw

A white-collar thief tries to rob an outback petrol station, but when the cards don’t fall his way, he gets lost in the burning sands, and becomes the plaything for a mischievous jackdaw.


A three-man crew is drifting through space when a small meteoroid collides with their ship.

In The Company of Ants

A company of ants venture down into a tea cup for some sugar but when one of the group falls from the surface, choices must be made.

Lies Behind Doors

They would often catch up for an impromptu coffee, or a quick lunch together, but today he had other things on his mind. Him, her, and a paid room.

Someone’s Been Sleeping In My Bed

Skye’s life is exactly where it should be, that is until her grandmother dies and she has to go look after her cottage.