The Phantom Book Series is a collection of four overlapping story lines. Each book details a single day in the lives of interconnected characters; some are friends or co-workers, other are lovers, but most are family.

Throughout this extended series, where each book leads into the next, the lives of these characters will crossover and interact creating what the author hopes will be a rich and vibrate world where humanity’s future unknowingly relies on Victorian era technologies to protect the world from a wide range of unseen mythological creatures.

Early 2019

Phantom Service

Monochrome Monday

Phantoms exist. They have existed since before the dawn of man. Unseen parasitic constructs created for the sole purpose of distorting our perceptions, clouding our minds, influencing our decisions, and compelling mankind to destroy itself.

Fortunately a secret organization fights for humanity’s survival. Members of The Phantom Service take the fight to the Phantoms, crossing over to the Etheric Plane, waging war in a realm beyond human perception; a place where the laws of physics are different, and deadly.

Limited to Victorian era technology, members of The Phantom Service, utilize airships, copper-clad insect inspired craft, wingsuits, spectrum shifting goggles, and plasma based weapons to battle mythological creatures, sin infecting shrouds, killer clouds of mist, and things that inspire nightmares.

That’s the good news; the bad news is the tide has turned and the Phantoms are winning again.

Spring 2019

Phantom Guardians

Monday's Child

Behind the scenes, the owners of Locke and Keye Studios are trying to save the humanity from an unseen enemy, and from man’s own self-destructive nature. They have several secret weapons at their disposal; a mermaid, a firewalker and someone who can see the future.

Living on the same island paradise, a young woman with a dark past, and a mother of two who are starting a new life together, in a new home; a home filled with love. A love they are just starting to experience firsthand.

They are all destined to become The Phantom Guardians.

Summer 2019

Phantom Legacy

Monday State of Mind

Some people have the ability to perceive beyond the normal five senses; seeing, feeling or interacting with the world around them in ways others can’t understand.

Meet Gerald; he has an addiction problem and his girlfriend breaking up with him makes him reconsider the impact it, and he, has on the lives of his friends, co-workers and customers. He’s also haunted by the past; but not his own.

Morgan lost her Father and her Mother and she's determined not to lose love again.

Garrick's has a special way with women, and, until now, his life had been guided by nature's call. Elise changes everything. Today his future lies in the past as he begin the journey to understand his family's Phantom Legacy.

Details Soon

Phantom Stalkers

Day One

Magnanimous Monday

Desmond saved Aubre's life. She demands compensation and accountability for his actions. Can she survive as his protégé long enough to want to live again.

Harold is stuck in the 'Friend-zone'; is death the only way for him to find love?